November 20, 2017: Cup

Going off the other day's conversation, what is your current favorite glass/cup/mug/stein/what have you? This was my recent favorite that I enjoyed all too briefly before it met its untimely demise.

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  1. WHY do I wait until Friday afternoon to reboot my VM for updates? It never fails that the server doesn't come back for some reason, and the folks in charge of dealing with it don't get in until Monday morning. Late Monday morning.

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  3. There's a good article on The Athletic about Morneau and concussions. I'd forgotten how well he was playing at the time.

    I don't think any team has been as effected by concussions as the Twins.

          1. It is self-reinforcing. Because so few have been inducted, and most writers compare against existing HOFers, the effective bar for admission is artificially high at 3B.

      1. He's in the Edmonds/Lofton category--good all around, but scores low on black/gray ink tests--the voters don't seem to be as captivated by defense when they vote as when they write "defense wins championships." Maybe stiffed some writers on the lunch bill, too?

      1. Interesting that his 7-year peak WAR (44.8) is lower than the HOF average for pitchers (50.3). Amazing pitcher, really happy I saw him in his prime, pretty obviously not a HOFer. (Good Black Ink score, though.)

        1. I’ll be honest, I don’t see the case. Vizquel was a pretty decent gloveman, but his OPS+ was 5% worse than even Ozzie Smith’s. Here’s his “cohort” among shortstops:

          SS rWAR Years HoF
          J. Fregosi 48.7 1961-1978 No
          D. Bancroft 48.5 1915-1930 Yes
          A. Fletcher 47.0 1909-1922 No
          M. Tejada 46.9 1997-2013 Ineligible
          J. Rollins 46.0 2000-2016 Ineligible
          V. Stephens 45.5 1941-1955 No
          O. Vizquel 45.3 1989-2012 On Ballot
          T. Fernandez 45.1 1982-2001 No
          R. Peckinpaugh 45.0 1910-1927 No
          N. Garciaparra 44.2 1996-2009 No
          Travis Jackson 44.0 1922-1936 Yes
          T. Tulowitzki 43.8 2006-Pres Ineligible
          A. Dark 43.0 1946-1960 No

          Vizquel’s 30th all-time among shortstops in rWAR. The only HoFers below him are Rabbit Maranville, Hughie Jennings, Phil Rizzuto, and John Ward. If elected, Vizquel would have the lowest rWAR for a HoF shortstop since Luis Aparicio (55.7) was inducted in 1984. Given the overrepresentation of non-great shortstops in the HoF already, I’d be pretty hard-pressed to even consider him seriously.

          1. searching for a story in Vizquel's favor: 3 of the top 4 in Total Zone Runs for SSs (since 1953) are in the HOF. Vizquel ranks 5th.

            Oh, hai. Look who is 10th.

            Career Total Zone Runs for SSs (since 1953)
            Rank, Name (years, age if active), TZ, Handedness
            1. Ozzie Smith+ (19) 239 R
            2. Mark Belanger (18) 238 R
            3. Cal Ripken+ (21) 176 R
            4. Luis Aparicio+ (18) 149 R
            5. Omar Vizquel (24) 134 R
            6. Troy Tulowitzki (12, 32) 124 R
            7. Rey Sanchez (15) 112 R
            8. Ozzie Guillen (16) 99 R
            9. Andrelton Simmons (6, 27) 93 R
            10. J.J. Hardy (13, 34) 90 R
            11. Roy McMillan (16) 88 R
            12. Ron Hansen (15) 87 R
            13. Greg Gagne (15) 81 R
            Alan Trammell (20) 81 R
            15. Ed Brinkman (15) 77 R
            16. Jack Wilson (12) 74 R
            17. Adam Everett (11) 73 R
            18. Bert Campaneris (19) 71 R
            19. Mike Bordick (14) 69 R
            20. Tony Kubek (9) 66 R

          2. Jayson Stark's case for Vizquel is 2,877 hits and 11 Gold Gloves. I know it's simplistic, but judging historical defense by the numbers is not super straight forward. So I think it just comes down to how you value his defense--was he as elite as his GG total suggested? I think it's easy to make a case against him, but I can see why the big Hall guys would vote for him.

    1. I had to turn it off early in the fourth when Wiggins started going iso all over the place. I just really want the Wolves to trade him because his game is as aesthetically unpleasing as Kobe's was, only he's not as skilled. (although I imagine Wiggins is a much better dude, though).

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