5 thoughts on “FMD 12/22/17: Holiday”

  1. 01. “Sunflower” – LowThings We Lost In The Fire
    02. “Tears For The Sheep” – AtmosphereLucy Ford
    03. “Lies” – CHVCHESThe Bones Of What You Believe
    04. “Waltz #1” – Elliott SmithXO
    05. “I’ll Be Glad” – Bonnie “Prince” BillyLie Down In The Light
    06. “Santa Claus” – Sonny Boy WilliamsonAn E-6 Holiday Mixer
    07. “Wars Of Armageddon” – FunkadelicMaggot Brain
    08. “Sissy” – Aye NakoSilver Haze
    09. “Shake Your Hips” – The Rolling StonesExile On Main St
    10. “Bubbles In My Beer” – Willie NelsonShotgun Willie

    1. Re: 1.
      Neotropic included a drastic remix of a Low song on her album La Prochaine Fois, which was released in the summer of 2001, months after Things We Lost in the Fire.
      The first track on her album is "Sunflower Girl". That is not the remix. (The remix, of 1996's "Do You Waltz?", is called "Micro-cosmic".)

  2. 1. Nisennenmondai “#1” #N/A
    2. Underworld “Stagger” Second Toughest in the Infants
    3. Coil “Regel” Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)*
    4. Katy B “All My Lovin'” Little Red
    5. Julien Baker “Everything That Helps You Sleep” Turn Out the Lights

    6. Björk “Saint”* Utopia
    7. Current 93 “Deuteronomy XXXIII:14”* How He Loved the Moon (Moonsongs for Jhonn Balance) — Bonus 7"
    8. Katy B “5 AM (Route 94 Remix)” 5 AM
    9. Autechre “Cap.IV” Gantz Graf
    T. Katy B (with Chris Lorenzo) “I Wanna Be” Honey

    I've got holiday music on my iPod but nothing came up.

    3. From the "Autumn Equinox" part
    6. Opens with a Western Meadowlark song (pretty sure, it's a bit distorted and pitch-corrected), and maybe a Crow overhead. Despite that, I'm not feeling this album in the least. Much like the Knife, Bj seems to have lost her pop sensibilities.
    7. KJV: "And for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, and for the precious things put forth by the moon..."

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