23 thoughts on “December 25, 2017. Merry Christmas!”

  1. Merry Christmas, everyone. I was hoping to find a hurling Darvish in my stocking, but no such luck. Picking up on a thread from yesterday, we went to the liquor store and followed around the guy who was marking down the wine prices. We got half a dozen bottles of vino, a twelve pack of beer, and a bottle of whiskey. It was just north of a C-note but I don't think I've spent as much on booze at one time since my 50th birthday.

    1. That sounds like a successful shopping trip to me!

      I’m still mostly teetotalling because concussion protocol, but did have a bit of red wine with dinner last night. Hopefully New Years will be boozier.

      Also, Merry Christmas, all!

  2. JVG just claimed that DWade is the greatest NBA player ever to come off the bench. Hmmm.

    Obviously not the greatest sixth man, because he has not done it much.

    Others who were 6th men at points in their careers: Havlicek, McHale, Walton, Bobby Jones, Manu, Billy C, Michael Cooper, Fred Brown, Detlef, Vinnie, Ricky Pierce, Kukoc, Jamal Crawford, James Harden.

    Of those guys, I would say that McHale (~five seasons off the bench) and Manu (lots of years), as first-ballot HOFers, have to be in line ahead of Wade. Crawford is the only 3-time 6th man of the year. McHale, Pierce and Schrempf the only two-time winners.

    Wade has been a great player and is a sure HOFer. Maybe he is in the top five all-time two-guards. But McHale is a top-five power forward (Duncan, Garnett, Malone, ...? Depends on your definition. Elvin Hayes?) and really made his name as a sixth man.

    1. Also, this is a great game. Love has been incredible. I can't wait to see both teams at full strength in the Finals.

  3. Kids let us sleep in until 9 am today. Opened gifts then chocolate chip pancakes were consumed. Watched a bit of a Christmas Story, then I made my mom's fried chicken recipe. Off to Last Jedi (which was very good IMO) and getting the tiles ready for a fun family scrabble match. Good Christmas times!

  4. Just got back from the movies. Darkest Hour and Jedi were all sold out. Who'd have guessed everyone wants to go to a movie when it's below zero outside? We saw The Shape of Water. It was a beautiful fairy tale, I may be thinking about it for a few days.

  5. Twolves net rating is 5th for first halves. 29th for 4th quarter. They don't win games. They just hang on to not lose.

  6. Kenny, Chuck and Shaq are complaining non-stop about the Wolves not pushing the ball and KAT not playing down low.

    My lawn: get off it.

    1. Also, Chuck is the Joe Morgan of basketball. "The analytics guys are ruining the game!"
      Jeez, Chuck. Put a sock in it.

  7. "A good one-on-one player either gets a good shot, or fouled, or misses." great insight by one of the chuckleheads announcing this game.

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