29 thoughts on “Frozen Coffee”

  1. I had plans to snow shoe this weekend but probably gonna have to cancel that unless it does actually warm up a bit on Sunday afternoon.

  2. Woke up at 3am to go push snow around, it was -7. When I finished around 930am it was -14. That is pretty dumb.

      1. Yup, I woke up to a call that our main walk-in cooler stopped working overnight. Luckily all product was in the safe zone, so no big losses, but it was a mad scramble to get it up and running in time (on the biggest week of the year). Unfortunately, on December 26th it was also down and we lost $5-6K worth of product. That was an even bigger mad scramble. Inventory (for insurance claim) and toss all product, then get supplier to expedite delivery of replacement product, then prep from scratch on the fly on a very big restaurant day in the industry. Yikes! Oh... and... I was on my way down to the cities and had to coordinate via the phone.

        So, said cooler: My good friend, who is a supervisor in the refrigeration repair business, came in today (while on vacation) to fix the problem. He informs me that the walk-in cooler should have been equipped with a compressor that fits our climate (damn cold). Since the building was originally part of a chain that is headquartered in Texas, they did not do that. It took 9 years of this buildings existence for the right guy to come in and truly diagnose the issue. Freon contracts too much in this cold temp. It all gathers on the roof top and the compressor won't push it. The fix was putting heater plates on the two compressors in question and they will kick on whenever it is too cold. Thus, keeps the freon warm enough to be pumped. Hope it works.

            1. Wait... I make WI style old fashioned with Korbel, Squirt, bitters and green olives!?!

              No Bourbon tonight, so I made old fashioned(s) with Black Label. Yup.

  3. Us, every single year around December 15th: we should invite people over for a game night on New Year’s Eve, but we need to do it early for once so plans aren’t made already

    Us, every December 30th: oh, hell

    1. Heh, we just decided that Christmas was enough this year, and that we're going to watch a movie or something for new years. Maybe play a two player game.

  4. Got home to a balmy 5 degrees today. Made catching up on shoveling a lot nicer than if it was like the TC area down here.

      1. I'm not gonna lie, it was good to feel that sharp cold air in my nose, although the one morning when I took the dog out right after I got out of the shower was a miscalculation.

  5. I watched An Adventure in Space and Time, a special about the beginnings of the Doctor Who series. Throughout the show you witness the gradual health/mind failing of William Hartnell during his stint from 1963 - 1966, but I was shocked in the epilogue to see that he died in 1975 at the age of 67! He had arterialsclorosis, but you'd swear he was closer to 70 during the run, not 58; he apparently did not age well at all.

        1. I thought Capaldi was a fine doctor. I wish he'd been given better stories. I actually thought he was better with Bill than he was with Clara, although again, the stories may have been the reason why. And I didn't have any trouble understanding Bill.

          1. I absolutely loved Capaldi's run. Bill has been fine. I do miss Clara.

            I've been watching some David Tennant episodes. He has definitely grown on me.

            But I am excited to see the new Doctor. It's past time. (And Missy was a particularly delicious villainess. What a fun role that must have been).

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