January 11, 2018: Welcome Back, eh?

I think I saw a brief mention, but just in case: Jason Morneau haswill officially retired and has joined the Twins as a special assistant. Nice to have you back, you big galoot.

28 thoughts on “January 11, 2018: Welcome Back, eh?”

  1. I am very much enjoying the Jimmy Butler Quote Machine ... Butler on Steven Adams

    “KAT’s been guarding, you know,” Butler said. “But, that moth******er is strong. I’m serious. He hit me with one screen today and I thought my life was over. Seriously. He’s…pffftttt…I don’t know. He’s like from Krypton or something. Seriously. He’s strong, like, I’m gonna call him in here and let him set a screen on you. I’m trying to tell you.”

  2. Remember when the Wolves were a bad fourth quarter team? I am really glad those days seem to be past. (for now, anyway. It's still the Wolves, afterall.)

  3. Hey, how's it going everyone? FInishing up week 6 of stay-at-home dadding with no real end in sight. One phone interview that went nowhere.

    I'm probably gonna go apply at Menards or Fleet Farm soon, if only for the discounts.

    1. Magoo!

      I had four months of unemployment many years ago, and looking back it certainly was good to be able to spend more quality time with Runner daughter then, who wasn't quite one year old at the time. Being out of work would be a lot less stressful thought if someone could tell you beforehand how long it would last :/

    2. And here I thought the Italy puns forced you to delete your account.

      I was out of work for almost three years, and we’re just now kind of recovering. Good luck in the job hunt.

      1. I'm rolling through town on my way to Socialble Cider Works on Thursday afternoon. Maybe a coffee on my way by if you're anywhere in the area.

    3. Good to see you 'round these parts.

      I've been there on the job searching. Twice. It was brutal and deflating both times. Don't feel bad about hating it, it sucks. But it ends, eventually. Keep at it. Good luck. And do your best to enjoy staying home with your daughter. It was hard at time time, since it felt like I should be spending more time looking for work, but ultimately the time I took to spend with my kids during those periods is something I look back on and wish I had more of now.

      Oh, and take Algonad up on his offer. I went out for coffee with him in the middle of my first funk, and that did wonders for my soul. Finding those ways to still enjoy yourself will help.

      1. Yea, ditto on the job searching. Always brutal and scary, particularly when you have mouths to feed. Good to see you back around, Magoo.

  4. So, three months ago an unconfirmed news report said my company had hired a consultant to explore the sale of my operating unit. Today that sale was announced. That Christmas bottle of Maker's Mark is getting workout tonight.

    1. I'm guessing it's not the good kind of sale where the unit's being removed nearly whole from one company and transplanted into the other company though staying in the same location.
      I expect that the experience we had was not typical. Other than than the discomfort of being cut out of the old company (and the people left on either side of the cuts), it was a good thing for us.
      Hoping that yours is similar.

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