16 thoughts on “January 12, 2017: The Breaking”

  1. Last night the three of us thumbed our noses at MODOT's weather-related travel warning and met some neighbors at the nearby microbrewery for their free Bingo Night, thinking the light crowd might improve chances of winning. The MC was constantly shaking his head at the couple dozen of us that showed up, and we all had a pretty fun time. Mrs. Runner won twice, both a free beer; the first was a tasty hard cider, the second a not so tasty porter with coffee. The price was right so we can't complain. One of the guys at our table panicked and yelled "WIN" instead of bingo, so for the rest of the night everyone used a different response -- "Uno!" "Goooooooal!" "You sunk my battleship!" -- to cheers, and for some reason everyone cheered and clinked glasses when O69 was called. One of the other tables had a birthday and they shared cake with everyone. And there was only a light ice on the road in places, so the trip home took four minutes instead of three.

    (And Twayn, next time you're down here we have a place you'll have to visit)

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