20 thoughts on “February 11, 2017: Ink”

  1. The SCSU Huskies swept Miami of Ohio this weekend to move into first place of the NCHC. With Notre Dame losing last night, the Huskies could be #1 in the nation again in the next rankings.

  2. Off to the Wolves game. We've watched the price of tickets fall all day (checked this morning when we first thought about going), and they're down to $7.00 for better seats than we were seeing for $19.00 this morning. I would do this more often.

      1. Rabbit from Super Troopers is here, so if you really wanted to see him in person, then you missed your chance.

    1. That's funny. Trey's Little League team is having their first pitchers and catchers practice on Wednesday (they already had a batting practice on Friday and will be having fielding practice on Monday).

  3. Looks like I slept through an exciting Mixed doubles semi with Switzerland vs "Russia".
    Last night's Canada vs Norway semi seemed anticlimactic.
    Will I wake up for tomorrow morning's Gold Medal game?

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