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  1. The daughter and I are up early watching Team USA Women play OAR in hockey. Then tonight I watch her in section semifinal game. 2 games from a second trip to State.

    1. Every Olympic Cycle it seems like the rest of the world closes the gap a little bit more. USA and Canada still dominant, but watching the games, it just seems like the rest of the world can at least skate with them.

    1. Looks like I'll be traveling to your fair city in late June. Please be sure not to use up all the bons temps before then!

  2. I'm excited to watch the Men's halfpipe tonight. It's absolutely insane how much bigger the tricks are than they were 8 years ago. Last night, during the qualifier, the commentator (when he wasn't saying bizarre things like "he's not grabbing the board because it's going to fall off, it's just for style points"*) mentioned that the tricks that would've have won in Vancouver were being pulled out just to qualify in PyeongChang, and that everyone was dialing it pretty far back. Should be fun to watch.

    * Really weird mix of super dumbed down commentary, along with the standard nonsensical trick name jargon (consider that shortly after the aforementioned "the board isn't going to fall off" comment, he said "oh! backside triple cork to switch!" with absolutely no explanation of what that meant) Just kind of all over the place.

    1. Your point about the snowboarding commentary is a good reason why I'm not excited about watching much of it. I was watching some of the qualifying/world cup-type events leading up to the olympics and the commentary was just brutally annoying. Maybe humor works differently in snow-bro language, I don't know.

      1. The commentary is very much not why I watch. I had some music going in the background during most of it. I will probably follow a similar gameplan tonight.

        1. As a Twins fan, I am definitely well versed in avoiding commentary. I've just been spoiled a bit from watching curling where the commentary has been pretty good, for the most part. (the Scottish guy in particular. There's also what I think is a Canadian guy who over-explains a bit for those viewers well versed in the sport, but his voice is incredibly soothing.)

          1. I think I know the Canadian guy you’re referring to — he sounds like he’s from Saskatchewan.

            Although, if it’s Bruce Rainnie, he’s from the Maritimes. Maybe it’s a Scottish Canadian accent I’ve just mapped to Saskatchewan because the guy I know from there is Scottish Canadian.

    2. I'm pretty much the opposite. I find most of the "new" snow "sports" kind of boring. Just as I have a very limited capacity for enjoying diving, figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, women's gymnastics, skateboarding, trampoline, etc. I'm just not that into artistic-athletic competitions.

              1. Looking forward to it.
                After watching Short-track, Long-track speed skating, with its "lanes" and "times" and going "2-at-a-time" is just so milquetoast.
                Except in those short moments when one is the right distance behind the other where it's unclear if they could bump into each other. (There's probably rules about that.)

                1. After watching Short-track, Long-track speed skating, with its "lanes" and "times" and going "2-at-a-time" is just so milquetoast.

                  Right? I can't stand watching it. If I want to watch a grueling endurance challenge, Biathalon exists, and it is much better.

      1. I generally agree, but despite myself I couldn't help but be entertained by slopestyle.

        Still though, outside of curling, the biathlon has been my favorite and now the alpine skiing event are starting up.

      2. I find that for the "artistic" sports, I only enjoy them if I ignore the competitive aspect of it and just enjoy the performance for what it is.

      3. i'll only partially endorse bS' comment. all of those are fine, but i definitely think rhythmic gymnastics and ice dancing or whatever are taking the place of potentially cooler events. the rhythmic one with the ball always reminds me of that classic childhood game "keep the balloon off the ground".

      4. That's a pretty wide net you're casting there. Some of those sports are judged for artistic merits, but others are mainly being judged on difficulty and execution. The rationale for judging execution in sports that involve significant risk of bodily harm makes a lot of sense--you want people to completely master the skills they are currently working on before they move on to something more dangerous.

        To pick one example, the scoring in women's gymnastics is more like judging balls and strikes than picking a favorite Picasso. It's just that at the Olympic level, there are so many skills in any giving tumbling run or what have you that it's like judging balls and strikes on ten pitches in two seconds. The FIG code of points is like an accountant's wet dream, and essentially if you perform more difficult feats of strength/skill better than your opponents, then you win.

        This is in contrast to figure skating, where the score is composed of skating skills, transitions, performance, composition, and interpretation, 3 of 5 of which are essentially BS in my mind.

    3. I love that y'all have coverage of winter sports, but bourbon street is alive with action that needs to be reported on.

  3. Curling tonight!
    6:05 pm central: Men's
    DENmark vs SWEden
    CANada vs ITAly
    KORea vs USA
    SUI (Switzerland) vs GBR (Scotland)
    (NORway and JaPaN sit out.)

    11:05 pm central: Women's
    JPN vs USA
    Russia vs Scotland
    DEN vs SWE
    SUI vs CHiNa
    (KOR and CAN (Homan!) sit out.)
    If I stay up, should I watch USA or Scotland?

    5:05 am central: Men's
    CAN vs Scotland
    KOR vs SWE
    SUI vs ITA
    NOR vs JPN
    (USA and DEN sit out)
    I don't think I'll get up early for any of these.

    Homan/Canada gets their first game tomorrow night at 6pm (vs. Korea). HPR might regret that he volunteered to be altar server for the Ash Wednesday mass at 7pm. I might, too, as I might have to drive him.

    1. PS. I'll spoiler comments on results of the 5am matches in case someone wants to watch them on time delay, but I won't on the 6pm or 11pm matches.

  4. We've had measurable rain maybe twice in the last 12 months, so of course Trey's first full practice for his Little League team was rained out last night. It was only scattered showers, but of course one big cell went right over the field and started pouring about the time practice was getting started.

    1. I know it's going on, I've talked to Sheenie about when she's experienced it, yet I'm still flabbergasted by some of these stories and the behavior that some men believe is acceptable. Who raised these guys?

      1. I am too.

        I read somewhere that part of that comes from the numbers game. Individual men harass numerous women so the number of women that experience it greatly outnumber the number of men involved.

        Beyond the moral side of it, the sheer stupidity still surprises me.

    2. Thanks for the share. I continue to be dumbfounded in much the same way as the Pirate and Al. It's good to see good people getting this bad stuff exposed to the light.

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  6. Do any of you coffee snobs have advice for me for a coffee maker for my wife? Thinking combo grinder/maker.

          1. I use my toddy carafe every day, but have not actually made coffee in the toddy in years. Too much hassle when I can cold brew just as well in my Bodum French press. I brew for 24 hours, then pour off into the toddy carafe to store in the fridge. Heat by the cup in the microwave.

            Get a decent burr grinder. Save the cheap coffee grinder for spices. That is my major, serious recommendation. And then, French press, hot or cold brew.

    1. Mortar and pestle to work the beans, which, of course you've roasted yourself in a copper kettle. Mountain spring water brought in oilskins carried by a burro. And one of these, over an open fire.

    1. ITA 2 - 2 CAN through 7
      I haven't been able to watch that closely, but oof this is a pitcher's duel of a curling match. Purists probably love it.
      0 - 0 - 0 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1

        1. Kids in bed. ... Canada got 2 in the 8th!
          Curling on the computer, Shaun White wiping out on the TV behind me.

            1. Because he missed. I'm pretty sure he was trying to come in around the guards that were there but was really light.

        1. Never seen them have to check that something crossed the Hog Line before. Is there an actual line in the middle of the red stripe and the rock has to cross completely? (No need to answer that.)

          I think that's the first time I've seen the guard replaced, as well.

          1. I know you said there's no need, but the rock has to completely cross the entire red line to stay in play.

        1. Scotland's going to win this unless they can't draw into the house.
          Swiss couldn't get their eighth rock onto the circles.
          And my feed goes and I have to watch two new commercials.
          Looks like the Scots won.

          1. The Scots have two Muirheads on the men's team (one's the alternate), and Eve Muirhead is the Scottish women's skip. Siblings.

  7. Also, as noted, I have the US game on so if anyone watching that one has any questions, feel free to ask! I'll try to answer in between shouting at my kids to finish their damn dinner and brush their teeth.

        1. I saw Korea throw one long. It made me feel better about my game.

          We had a 4 in the last end to come back from down 3 on Sunday. Big comeback.

    1. That was cool.
      He should stop letting his chin hang out below his bandito scarf though... it looked really weird before his run.

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