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    1. We haven’t been hit by colds or flus so far this year, but my younger one did have two rounds of vomiting last night.

      1. I hope he's on the mend! The jalapeño was hit with influenza this past Wednesday--it's the sickest he's ever been. He started Tamiflu within the first 24 hours and finally had enough energy to get out of bed this afternoon/evening. The whole family did get flu shots, and so far the rest of us are still healthy.

        1. Vomiting seems done, but fever has now taken over. He hit 102.8 at one point, now down with Tylenol dosing.

          Good luck to you and yours, too.

  1. Is this finally the year that the Austin boys break through to win a State bb title again, after oh-so-many 2nd place finishes in recent years?

    As the 3A second-ranked school, they have beaten 4A 3rd-ranked Lakeville North (at Lakeville) and 6th-ranked Rochester JM (home), 3A 3rd-ranked Mankato East (twice), 10th-ranked Northfield (twice), and 2A 2nd-ranked Minnehaha Academy. Their only loss was at home to Owatonna (unranked, but they also beat Mankato East on the road).

    Standing in the way, as always, is number 1 DeLasalle (16-4, with losses to Iowa City West and Hopkins, by 5 in December -- Hopkins is ranked 2nd in 4A -- plus at Eden Prairie and at Cretin Durham Hall by 11 -- ranked number 1 in 4A).

    1. I'm sure they would have signed him a lot sooner if they weren't so convinced Ohtani and Darvish were going to be coming here.

      Oh, maybe it wasn't the waiting part you were frustrated about?


    he's gonna Google his name after the Olympics and wonder what the WGOM is and why we dislike him so much.

    1. I didn't watch, but I see that he only shot 50% for the match. That seems low.
      How does he keep winning the US Olympic tryouts?

  3. If you don't watch another shot this winter, watch the Swiss skip's final stone of the month end in their game against Canada. It was incredible.

        1. What the heck does this mean?

          Odorizzi was a solid 3-win pitcher in 2015 and 2016, coming in at roughly replacement level in both bWAR and fWAR.

          Ok. Looks like an editing error. He was replacement level last season. I am underwhelmed, but he seems likely to be at least replacement level. w00t.

      1. Odorizzi looks like a pretty good pitcher to me. He'll turn 28 in late March. He's been a rotation starter for four years. Career ERA of 3.83 (4.14 last year). Career ERA+ of 103 (100 last year). Career FIP of 4.23 (5.43 last year, which obviously isn't good). Career WHIP of 1.22 (1.24 last year). Career K/9 of 8.2 (8.0 last year). He walked more and gave up more home runs last year than he had in the past, which accounts for his high FIP. It could be that he's going downhill, or it could be that he just had an off year.

        Palacios is 21. He hit well in rookie ball in 2014 and 2015. He had a poor year in Cedar Rapids in 2016 at age 19. He did very well there last year, but struggled when promoted to Fort Myers. He could turn out to be a really good player, or he could top out at AA. I have no idea.

        So, to me, it seems like a pretty good trade. I don't predict that Odorizzi becomes a Cy Young candidate or anything, but he looks like a solid major league starter, and the Twins can certainly use one of those.

  4. Shuster with a good shot against the Norwegians in their floral pants.
    He should be able to get 3 easily here.

          1. This all is why I was so annoyed when he won the trials again. That fifth end was a perfect example of the problem. His team kept arguing with him and then he couldn't make up his mind about what he should do. You could see how tight everyone was and it led to some bad shots. I'm not even sure why I'm still watching this one, to be honest.

    1. The announcers just mentioned a rumor of a doping violation by one of the teams that medalled in mixed doubles??!?!?!?
      Teams were Canada, Switzerland, and Russia... it was the husband. Failed his "A" test.

    2. Sartorially, the US Men's Red uniforms bother me. They look like sloppy softball players, especially with Hamilton having a yellow-green rag sticking out of his pocket.

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