103 thoughts on “February 20, 2018: Maybe I’ll Just Stay At Home”

  1. I would rather see a limit on mound visit be like only 2 per inning, but I guess this is going in the right direction.

    1. At least they're counting catcher's visits as mound visits now. That's progress. Honestly, sometimes those get more annoying than the pitching coach ones.

            1. Looks like they made it generically position players. But I didn't see anything about front office personnel!

              1. That's gonna lead to a lot of problems when the pitcher can't visit the mound to start the 7th inning...

                1. They're allowed to appeal for a mound visit with no penalty. I'm sure the ump will grant them, at least early in the season.

                  1. I suspect that will depend on the umpire. I could see a Joe West denying the visit just to exercise his authority.

    2. Lance McCullers very angry about this. Feels the league just needs to take care of players stealing signs or allow pitchers to bean players who do and that'll take care of problem.

          1. I'm spoiled by the dozens of Fargo bar shows I've seen for less than $10, I suppose. I can't think of many tickets I spent more than $25 on, and two of those shows are this year.

      1. I've had their first album for a bit.
        Went through it a few times and liked it.
        In fact, listened to it again today when Z reminded me of them.
        Not a jam band.

  2. And, in the opposite corner from Staying at Home, our home network router went out (again) yesterday. AT&T tech is coming out, but meantime I'm working from Panera before heading to the airport for the mothership in Omaha. If they have to replace the router and I have to change another 16-17 devices' network connections...!

    1. I had to swap out our Comcast cable modem to get new features and extra bandwidth and updating network passwords was a huge pain in the butt...laptops, iPads, phones, printers, TVs, blu-ray players, etc. all had to be updated. But the extra throughput is nice.

      1. This is why it's nice to separate the modem from the router. You generally can get better items if you narrow the requirements.

  3. I'm watching the USA-KOR match from last night and the British announcer is just absolutely brutal. He just has no idea what is actually going on out there, so if you're listening to this guy, ignore any points he makes regarding curling strategy.

    1. Congrats, DP! It sounded like news when I saw it on facebook.
      About time to take on a completely new crew except for your first mate?

  4. From Derek Wetmore:

    *Miguel Sano will be worked in slowly because of offseason surgery on his shin and a focus on his conditioning.

    *Brian Dozier could be worked in slowly because he’s missed the first two days of workouts while he deals with a kidney stone.

    *Joe Mauer will be worked in slowly because he’s Joe Mauer.

    Emphasis is mine.

        1. It shows as live in the NBC sports app because NBC are charlatans. But no worries, I won't say anything.

          1. The CBC does this too... their website has "Live" streams during the middle of the day, which just means that it's what's being shown on their broadcast at that time.

  5. For the live women's curling, the GBR-CAN draw has the knowledgeable Scottish announcer, in case that is important to you. We'll see if he can stay impartial.

    1. I stated looking at what it would take to set up a club in new orleans. I need some VC and some serious air conditioning.

        1. Its a wee bit drier in the desert than it is here. I'm thinking a feather bowling court may be more financially feasible.

                1. Once my kids both graduate (ending their hockey careers) I will be taking up curling as the vehicles already have a well worn path to the rink. #1 reason? The club is able to enjoy a couple beers on league nights.

                2. Heh, yeah. We have unlimited beer with membership. (and hell, the Chaska club is both a curling club and bar/restaurant.)

                  Also, the brewpub/curling club idea is something I've kicked around with my former brewing partner. It just seems so natural or a pairing.

                  1. I was joaking, of course. The pairing seems natural. But you gotta put it below the permafrost, for energy efficiency and stability.

    2. LBR's getting her promised watch of the Ice Dancing. I just opened the GBR-CAN window in a different part of the screen.

      This is the last game of the Round-Robin for Scotland. If they win, they advance. If they don't they're subject to the tiebreakers, where they'll've lost to USA, CAN, and SWE, but have beat JPN and CHN.

      Canada has another game, but if they lose this one, they're eliminated and their game against OAR means nothing.
      If they win out, they'll at least be subject to tiebreakers, because if they beat GBR, there will be at most 3 teams with 6 wins.
      (GBR and CAN will have 5 wins in that case.)

      1. If there's a tie with teams sharing the same record between them, CAN now leads the DSC competition with 59.4 vs GBR's 59.8 and USA's 59.9. (Is that cm? inches?)

        1. USA is really helped by the DSC rules where the two worst LSDs are removed... USA has LSDs of 389 and 261, and then all their rest are under 103.
          GBR has been the most efficient in their LSDs: they've won in eight of their nine matches. But their third-best draw lost to Sweden's best.

      2. I kind of want Canada to get eliminated but only because then Cheryl Bernard would probably get a chance to play a game.

    3. Sounds like something good just happened for Korea...
      Holy cow... They've stolen 3 in each of the first 3 ends against Russia.
      What's the earliest a team has ever resigned in at this level of play?

      1. 9-1 through 4. Korea has the hammer for the first time. The Athletes have to at least play the 6th (on the theory that if Korea could do it in the first 5, they could in the last 5).

    1. Canada winning here and against OAR would have been one way to a tiebreaker game. Everyone loves extra matches, right?

      1. It's gonna be an uphill battle for the US to force that game since they need to beat Sweden and Japan needs to lose to Switzerland. Dropping that opening game to Japan from what looked mostly like nerves is looming large.

        1. Switzerland looking good against the Japanese team so far.
          The Athletes have a snack of pineapple and red grapes, in a tupperware via toothpicks.
          Canadians have two oranges and a banana sitting there but they're just drinking water.

  6. Any physics-minded folks able to offer a consult on things like force and weight and the cause of a broken bone (there are questions about the cause)?

        1. Depends, but certainly possible. All of the bones have different strengths in different areas so you'd need to know a lot of biomechanical details. For instance, I jammed a finger on a playground ball and got a hairline fracture.

          1. I have those details, though obviously its best not to publicize them. If provided the details, would you actually have some know-how on possible mechanisms of injury?

              1. It's for a case I'm working on, not someone I know apart from my representation of them. But yes, it seems things are on their way back to okay for the client too.

    1. I'm willing to try from the physics side if you'd like, but similar to Sean I think I may not know enough of the physiology part to be of all that much help.

  7. I think its kind of amazing that the US Men Hockey team is as far along in this tournament as they are with the player they have.

    1. I lost interest in the USA team when they continued "healthy scratch" Will Borgen , a college defenseman from SCSU who is a stronger defenseman than most of the stiffs they put out there. No, let's play a bunch of wash ups. Pull him off the #1 college team in the nation and sit him through the entire Olympics. Crap.

      I hope USA hockey looks at this differently next Olympics (if NHL is still out). I would rather watch of bunch of college hockey players band together than what we saw in this Olympics.

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