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    1. I'm one of those where it took me a while to appreciate it. I was looking for plot the first time I saw it.

    1. Ja, just went onto the MLB to Gameday it and saw the delay. Vas ist?

      Just made this (tip o' the cap to Keo S.):

      Thai Green Shrimp Curry
      oil 2tbsp
      lg. shrimps (6-8 per person), deveined/rinsed
      Thai Green Curry Paste (I bought)
      Thai/Japanese eggplant (long and thin, lite purple)
      some kaffir lime leaves
      1 c. coconut milk
      1 stalk fresh lemon grass, sliced thin
      1 c. coconut milk
      Thai basil leaves (10-15)
      1-2 tbsp fish sauce (Nuoc Mam in my fridge)
      1/2 can chopped green chilis

      Heat some oil, add green curry paste (1 tbsp) till bubbling - add shrimp, eggplant, lime leaves, lemon grass, and coconut milk.
      Cook for about 7-8 min till shrimps are cooked. At the end add fish sauce/green chilis/basil leaves.
      Serve with chopped lime leaves, tiny slices of lemon grass, and chopped basil over warmed leftover-Chinese-takeout-rice.

      Great thing on this recipe is that the green curry wins - a palliative burn - you don't taste the fish sauce/basil/coconut milk.

      1. good timing, Bo. Thinking about making this tonight.

        have you ever used dried kaffir lime leaves? that's what I've got (recent purchase). I've never seen fresh or frozen.

        1. I haven't, but considered that these will just get moldy in the fridge so planning to de-hydrate them. Also, bought a papaya at A Dong (our Vietnamese groc store) and am going to dehydrate papaya chunks as well.

          1. I completely forgot about the kaffir lime leaves. 🙁

            ginger, garlic, shallot, finely chopped
            quarter cup brown sugar
            green curry paste
            onion, rough-chopped
            pasilla, rough chopped
            4-5 Thai bird chiles, whole
            broccoli crown, separated into bite-size florets
            potato, peeled and rough-chopped
            2 medium zucchini, quartered the long way and chunked
            two big handfulls of greens (baby spinach and baby chard)
            bunch of basil
            can of coconut milk
            ~2 dozen shrimp, peeled and cut in half
            can of bamboo shoots, drained
            2 green onions, chopped
            cilantro, chopped for garnish

            I fried the garlic, ginger, and shallot in a bit of olive oil, added the brown sugar and thai chiles, fried ~30 seconds, added the curry paste (~2 Tbsp) and fried 30 seconds, added the onion, then the potato, pasilla, broccoli, zucchini, and half the basil. Added the coconut, brought to boil and simmered ~5 minutes. Added the shrimp. 2 minutes. Added the bamboo shoots and greens. 1 minute. Added the remaining basil and the juice of half a lime and the green onions. Turned off the heat and served in bowls (no rice; the girl is trying to lose some weight). Added fish sauce at the table. Numnum.

            I wish I had eggplant, but the Mrs is opposed. And the Girl doesn't do animals higher-order than shrimp and other shellfish, so I had to reserve the fish sauce.

    2. Interesting, they have Brian Dozier mic'd up on the field and they are interviewing him during the action.

            1. I’m not really a fan of this move. I understand it’s necessity, but surrendering a draft pick for a one year rental of a pitcher like Lynn doesn’t seem like a great roster construction move. And I wouldn’t even call myself a prospect hound.

              1. It's their 3rd pick in the draft, wherever that happens to fall, I guess. That doesn't seem so terrible a price to me.

                1. I guess it’s even better than that (via MLBTR):

                  The 30-year-old rejected a qualifying offer from the Cardinals at the outset of the offseason, so the Twins will be forced to forfeit a 2018 draft pick after signing him. But because the Twins were revenue-sharing recipients in 2017 and didn’t exceed the luxury tax threshold, that pick will be just their fourth-highest of the draft (number 95 overall). They’d normally be required to surrender their third-highest pick, but for Minnesota that’s a protected selection in Competitive Round B. For Lynn’s part, he’ll no longer be eligible to receive a qualifying offer next year thanks to a provision in the new CBA.

                  I had remembered the Cba change and figured Lynn would be exempt from a qualifying offer next off-season, but I was also thinking the Twins would be giving up their second pick, not their fourth. I can handle that, I think.

                    1. Last year was his first year back from Tommy John. Reasonable to expect some further improvement in the second year. I would also guess some drop in performance since he's moving to the AL though.

    1. For the first time in quite a while, it appears that when Santana gets back the Twins will have five legitimate major league starters: Santana, Berrios, Odorizzi, Lynn, and Gibson. That doesn't count Hughes or Mejia, nor does it count guys like Slegers and Gonsalves. Remembering when we tried to make ourselves believe that people like Cole DeVries could be real starting pitchers, this makes me rather happy.

  1. Just finished painting the stairwell in prep for the floor work starting tomorrow. I really enjoyed having the ballgame on in the background - sad that it got called early. Also sad the gang had their solid stats scrubbed for the day. The audio feed from Dozier was a treat - hope they try something like that again.

  2. Twenty years ago today, Lloyd Bridges picked a bad day to stop breathing. I wonder if the Dude killed him.

  3. I finally decided to take the next step and got a turntable and a handful of discs; I decided to grab the Denon 300F (only Hess will care about that part; I believe this is actually the same one he owns). I took the plunge after talking to my dad; he asked if I wanted his eighty-or-so albums, and that gave me the urge to jump in.

    Peter Gabriel, So
    Prince, Prince 4Ever (four discs)
    Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
    Michael Jackson, Bad (My dad has Thriller, so I didn't need to grab that one)
    Radiohead, OK Computer
    The Who, My Generation (three-disc overly special edition with rarities)
    The Cure, Greatest Hits
    Pearl Jam, Vs.

    There was a "maybe" pile as well, with several albums my dad possibly owns. I'll find out tomorrow. Also will probably do Pet Sounds, Exile on Main Street, Are You Experienced?, Undertow, The White Album and Kendrick Lamar's Damn before long. Here's to expensive habits!

    1. Good memory on the Denon!

      I can’t believe it’s actually happening. Sounds like with your dad’s collection you will have an excellent start. Still, stay strong and remember to listen more than you shop!

      1. I do have an addictive personality, so that last bit will be difficult.

        Seeing what my dad owns is going to be fun. I remember a few for certain (Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash) but for the most part I’ve lost his collection from my memory.

        1. I’m addictive when it comes to collecting. Thankfully when I started it was a pretty cheap addiction. Since then prices have went up a bit and I started getting some new stuff from time to time. Thankfully now I’ve pulled back quite a bit. Given I haven’t listened to half of what I’ve bought, though...

          Good luck!

  4. As I mentioned yesterday, SBGville is going to the state basketball tournament for the first time in 47 years. A Fargo radio station interviewed SBGville’s most famous son, Chuck Klosterman. He didn’t disappoint. He started off by musing about why the old basketball conference was called the Wild Rice Comference. The reason, Chuck conceded, was because of the Wild Rice River, which runs through most of the area, including within two miles of the farm he grew up on. He then wondered aloud as to whether wild rice actually grew by that river. Scintillating. He then gave the hosts a history lesson on SBGville and Bohemia basketball (Bohemia being the nearby town that we co-op with). He incorrectly identified the only year SBGville went to state, incorrectly identified the year that Bohemia won the girls state tournament, incorrectly identified the year that SBGville and Bohemia won their first state title as a football co-op. So just about what you would expect. I am happy for his success, but for the life of me, I cannot understand it.

  5. I think it's safe to say the Twins are done making moves this offseason, so I was thinking about how the pitching staff is shaping up.


    Addison Reed
    Zach Duke
    Taylor Rogers
    Tyler Duffey
    Phil Hughes

    I'm assuming Hughes is going to be given the long-man role in the bullpen given his guaranteed money. This is how it is shaping up once Santana is back. The Twins could possibly have an 8-man bullpen in April, but the reason they're doing a four-man rotation is because of all the days off, which also means lots of extra rest for the relievers, so it wouldn't make sense to go to a four-man rotation just to add another reliever. Besides Hughes, I think the rest of the bullpen (assuming 7 spots) is a given except for Duffey's, which I think is between Duffey, Ryan Pressly and Alan Busenitz. I think Duffey gets the nod based on having more experience at the MLB level and the best FIP of the three last year. Plus, Duffey will probably be able to eat up more innings at the back end of the bullpen. Still, both Pressly and Busenitz have better fastball velocity than Duffey and if Pressly shows better command or Busenitz shows better ability to miss bats this spring, they could force management's hand. I'm not sure of the option situation on Duffey and Pressly as well. John Curtiss and Gabriel Moya are dark horses that could sneak in there if the other three have a poor spring.

      1. I was a little disappointed he didn't try and dunk it himself. 😉

        According to the Kato paper, East had a 31-1 run in the first half. My nephew had 10 of them. Next up, a really good Waseca team that the Cougars beat by 2 early in the season.

  6. Patrick Reusse tweeted that he doesn't know if he can root for the Twins because they're just trying to buy a pennant

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