24 thoughts on “March 12, 2018: Thrifty”

    1. So far I can think of bigger deals for Ervin Santana, Ricky Nolasco and Josh Willingham. Those were all for at least 3 years so total value was easily more than Lynn. Addison Reed's deal is for $16.75M over 2 years. ByungHo Park's deal was for $12M over 4 years, but that didn't include the posting bid. Other than that, Kevin Correia was one of the biggest free agent signings the Twins had ever done and that was $10M over 2 years. So I think that puts Lynn at tied for 5th if you don't include the posting fee for Park. I think it's notable that all of these deals happened since Target Field opened.

      1. Per socal, more than one. Reed signed for $16.75 million and Pineda for $10 million. There's also Jason Castro last year at $24.5 million over three years and Hughes at $24 million for three years. Off the top of my head, that puts the ordering at: Santana, Nolasco, Castro, Hughes, Willingham, Reed, Park, Lynn, Pelfrey (2 years, $11 million), Hunter, Correia, Pineda. That I think is everyone with a $10 million deal in free agency.

        1. I use these in the Netherlands. No USB, but I just plug my charger into the adapter. I've survived all my trips without exchanging currencies. I encountered some credit card only establishments, but no cash only ones. I've never been to any of the countries you mentioned though. That sounds like a fun trip!

  1. The good news: The Twins game is on the radio. The bad news: It's only available on the Yankees network, which means John Sterling and Susyn Waldman. I may criticize Cory and Dan sometimes, but I listen to a lot of games, and they're one of the best radio crews out there.

    1. Bobby Wilson just hit a two-run homer for the Twins. I didn't even know the Twins had a "Bobby Wilson". Turns out he's a thirty-four year old backup catcher who's been with the Angels, Arizona, Tampa Bay, Texas, Detroit, Texas again, and Tampa Bay again. He was in AAA with the Dodgers last year. Who knew?

    1. Now, I don’t watch every minute of every game, but I watch a lot. And I love baseball. Every year (at least) I see something done on the field that I have never seen done on the field before.

  2. An academic friend of mine published a piece on CNN.com today about a Pennsylvania election. No FZ to share, just this great closing line:

    Candidates may have big ideas, but, to paraphrase Norma Desmond, it is the elections that have gotten small.

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