53 thoughts on “March 13, 2018: Should The Light Dim”

  1. Twins send down five pitchers: Curtiss, Gonsalves, Mejia, Slegers, and Romero. No surprises. I'm sure Mejia and Slegers had hopes, but once Odorizzi and Lynn were acquired there was no spot for them. I'll be disappointed if we don't see Gonsalves and Romero at some point this season.

    1. I just realized yesterday that the reason that I've always been very skeptical/incredulous that any team would give him a chance is that I've been subbing in Kerry Collins' name for his every single time I have ever heard it.

      1. Here I come with a counterpoint…

        Made the chicken chili verde this weekend. It was … good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

        It wasn't the amazing experience I expected. I'll probably make it again, but not in some sort of frequent rotation. The kids mostly ate it. "It" being the chicken, with a little sauce by chance. If they would have eaten more of the sauce I'd bump this up in the rotation because getting them to eat that quantity of vegetables, well, it's mostly impossible.

        Caveat. The chicken was not done after pressure cooking. I bought it at the store same day. Maybe it was mildly frozen internally or something, though I'd hope that would have just delayed the instant pot coming up to pressure. Anyway, that disappointment and the ensuing work of transferring to a dutch oven, braising, doing some more oil skimming, etc, probably contributed to my "not amazing" judgement of the thing. I also might have under salted it. I guess I should probably try again in earnest. 🙂

        Or maybe just give the pork chile verde a shot.

        1. I made very good green Chile chicken in the crock, but it involved Browning the chicken first. The Instant Pot is easier and better, even with using the blender at the end.

          Your chicken must have been frozen is all I can figure. Should have just put the lid back on and pressure cooked another minute.

          1. I have a hate hate relationship with the inexact come-up-to-pressure time and natural-pressure-release time. So I just needed to be done with the IP for the night. Mostly I think I need more experience with, and thus better expectations of, the IP.

        1. Wiggins had multiple defensive possessions in the final five minutes better than anything I've ever seen from him. Yet, he still can't handle the in bounds play and dribbled himself into a trap in the previous possession, so...

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