Happy Birthday–March 24

Kip Selbach (1872)
Roy Thomas (1874)
Mike Mowrey (1884)
Fatty Arbuckle (1887)
Ernie Shore (1891)
George Sisler (1893)
Jesus Alou (1942)
Mark Marquess (1947)
Garry Templeton (1956)
Bruce Hurst (1958)
Wilson Alvarez (1970)
Steve Karsay (1972)
Jose Valverde (1978)
Corey Hart (1982)
Dustin McGowan (1982)
Chad Gaudin (1983)

Silent film comedian Fatty Arbuckle was the owner of the Vernon Tigers of the Pacific Coast League from about 1918-1921.

Mark Marquess was the head baseball coach of Stanford from 1977-2017.

No players with connections to the Twins were born on this day; however, we would like to wish a very happy birthday to Mom SBG.