2018 Game Number 1: Minnesota Twins at Baltimore Orioles

Day game alert!

Jake Odorizzi


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Finishing at .500 would not be considered a success this year, would it? With that being the case, I wonder if we get 424 comments today?

2012 Twins Game Log

2012 Game Number 1: Minnesota Twins at Baltimore Orioles

Day game alert!

Carl Pavano
Jake Arrieta

I had some stuff written about the offseason, but it seems irrelevant now. It sucks going into a season knowing that finishing at .500 would be a success. I think the front office knows there are problems, but thinks there is no point throwing money at a few extra wins. And I am okay with that.

I recognize that about 28 of the teams actually need to have down years. It is very hard to maintain success over many years; you need everything to go right. However, now we get to play the waiting game. Will this be just a "retooling" or a rebuild?

Here's to everyone returning to form, a great draft, and Ryan swindling trading for undervalued assets. I love baseball, but not never-ending losing.

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      1. Uh, how about this.

          1. This is a fun fact, but I don’t think it means anything in the scope of tenure. Guys routinely start the season on the DL, but nevertheless wind up accumulating the most starts at a given position.

    1. I often wonder this when Lester is mentioned here: if the Twins had somehow managed to finalize the trade with Boston that would’ve brought Lester to Minnesota in exchange for Johan, I wonder how WGOM folks would feel about him.

    2. Kyle Schwarber just be charged for at least 3 runs because of his Delmonesque defense.

  1. Back from lunch (a delicious sanguche de chicharron with a side of sweet plantains at a nearby Peruvian eatery). It’s been several years since I’ve been hopeful for a strong showing from the Twins, but I’m genuinely excited to see how things shake out this season. They still haven’t signed acquired a true ace to lead their rotation, but it seems for once that it wasn’t for lack of trying. Most importantly, they didn’t sit on their hands after missing out on Darvish, either.

  2. I’ve liked the matte helmet finish some teams have sported, and the raised/3D logos are a nice touch. But the matte finish doesn’t match or mesh with the blue of these jerseys, and the TC could be about 25% bigger, I think.

  3. I am I really going to have to hear the ad for the Steve Martin/Martin Short concert all the way until August?

    1. I've probably said it here before, but nothing will make me want to use a service/buy a product less than to have to consume the same commercial over and over again for several months at a time. I'm not sure why companies allow that to happen on various streaming services.

      1. That seems to be changing. Just had a clip that started with "Here's a popular clip from MLB.com" and showed someone getting hit 3000 in 2006. Before the preceding ad was Thome's 600th home run. I don't know if that was the same thing or not since it's a Twins clip.

        1. Yeah, I did notice that last year. However, almost every clip they played was someone doing/accomplishing something against the Twins. Wasn't as nice of a palette cleanser as it could have been.

          1. Though today we got to see bux’s awesome fielding skills in one of this clips. Maybe a new era...

            1. A few years back, they would play all the various goofy commercials that baseball teams make. That was a lot of fun, actually, but that's the only year I remember them doing that.

                1. Radio is a little different, but last year I remember the first half/two thirds of commercial breaks we're taken over by MLB.tv (or whatever) and then it would kick back to locals after that. The worst thing though was that the volume level of the MLB commercials was way lower than the broadcast. If you absent-mindedly turned up the volume, when the local broadcast took over it would blast your speakers (or worse, headphones).

  4. Sounds like that was a nice catch, but we're seeing lots of warning track power from the Twins so far.

      1. He's on pace for eighteen for the game! If he makes thirty starts, he's on pace for 540 for the season!

  5. My IA bro's family is here, so as a favor to him I'm chromecasting the ballgame to the upstairs TV from my work computer. Oh, and I happen to be watching it down here as well.

    1. And it continues. Everyone says spring training stats don't matter, but the Twins struggled to hit and pitched well in spring training and here we are in a scoreless duel on Opening Day.

  6. I’m not sure who is better to listen to, the radio or the tv. Equally bad for different reasons.

    1. I went for the Twins only for mlb.tv, so I don't get a choice even to listen to the radio while watching the video feed. However, my computer decided I didn't need sound today, I guess. I can get sound on my phone but not my computer. I have to mute it most of the time on my computer anyways while I'm working.

    1. Right? I heard "Davis" leading off, and I was wondering if there was a "Khris Davis" or something that I wasn't aware of.

    1. I forgot about the game until just now (because stupid work). Fox Sports no longer works through my web browser after the last computer updates, but I was able to discover our wifi password so I can watch on my phone! So I agree, screw productivity.

  7. First thing I see turning the game on is Joe Mauer doing Joe Mauer things. Then I have to see two awful things in the DP and, worse than that, a slide into first. (at least it wasn't head first, doh.)

    1. If he was thinking there might be a tag and trying to avoid it, then that would be a good play, the only time it would be good to slide at first. If he was trying to avoid a collision, I would say, run him over! Otherwise, I have no idea why he slid.

  8. Dizz just went all goml about breaking up the double play. He never played second base, and never had to face the risk that his career would be cut short by being taken out.

  9. Fun fact: No Twin has ever worn #99 in a regular season game before today. In fact, it’s the highest number by a good margin. The highest number worn by a Twins player in a regular season game before Logan Morrison suited up today was Tony Batista’s #77 in 2006. The highest number ever issued to a uniformed member of the team for regular season use was Gene Glynn’s #89 in 2012. Rick Eckstein, the Twins’ minor league hitting coordinator, wore #92 in 2017.

  10. Ugh. At least Buxton got a hit today, but he's had 2 really ugly at-bats flailing away at breaking balls. I can't imagine him getting a fastball for the rest of this game and maybe not this series.

  11. Wow. That was terrible attempt by Castro on the strikeout/wild pitch. He never tried to block it, just tried to catch it on the bounce. And it looked like a breaking ball. I don't know what he was thinking, unless Duke crossed him up, but that was with nobody on base. Now another wild pitch and the go-ahead run is in scoring position with no outs.

    1. No way! That first wild pitch was on Castro. Both those runs are on him because if the first guy didn't get on base, then there would be no intentional walk.

    1. About three times as rare as a no hitter.

      (though it's obviously happening a lot more often in recent years, as batters strike out way more often)

        1. Tyler Duffey in 2016.

          Baker was actually the first. Liriano also did it once.

          I only remember Baker's. That was almost 10 years ago.

  12. Twins have tied their record for most strikeouts by their pitchers on Opening Day with 11 (1976). Blyleven started that game, and it went extras. He had 8 in the first 9 innings.

    1. I also love that the crowd booed the ball call, but because it's Joe west I don't even blame them.

  13. Hahaha. That's like every run the Royals have ever scored against the Twins this decade.

  14. I must say, I do like having a Robbie Grossman available off the bench. Great eye at the plate, doesn't chase. Love it.

  15. Yay!!! Still no sound and the FSN graphic was slow in showing the second run, so I was flipping out thinking the runner didn't score from second on the blooper.

  16. Ha, I stayed in the car as long as I could during Kepler's at bat, but had to go in to pick up Newbish from day care. Missed Grossman's magic, too.

  17. I had the game on in the car, and suddenly Newbish piped up "Baseball!!" with a big smile on his face.

    Happy dad moment.

    1. I got home for the 8th inning. Game on fairly loud. Wife and both teenage kids have still yet to come out of their rooms.

      Lonely Dad moment.

      1. Well, after fifteen minutes of happily playing with the game in the background, he insisted on Blaze and the Monster Machines, so win some, lose some.

  18. Hildy hasn't been impressive all spring.

    I base that on the few games I watched.

  19. Nice job Rodney!

    I don't know what I was doing agreeing to dinner at 6:00 with another couple tonight. Grrrr.

  20. Take it home for me, fellas. I've gotta bail for a curling semifinal this evening.

  21. The last time the Twins lost 3-2 on a walkoff in Baltimore on Opening Day, they proceeded to lost their next 8 games en route to the worst season in Twins history. I think it's very important the Twins get out of Baltimore with at least one win.

    1. I remember that game because both teams kind of got boned by a rain delay so the starters only went 2 innings.

  22. #161

    Just short of the regular season total. It's not a 424, but it's close.give 'em hell boys.

  23. Well, the Twins lost, but it was a good game. Some nice plays and some interesting managerial decisions. It was nice to see Molitor thinking outside the box a little bit. We'll just have to settle for 161-1!

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