FMD 03/30/18 – Bucket List Bands

I made a random 10 and saw there was nowhere to put it, so... hi!

I saw Hot Snakes on the 16th after waiting to see them 14 years. They were one of the bands I figured I'd never have a chance to see live, a shocking number of which I've actually had a chance to see. I think the two left on my list are the pAper chAse (extremely unlikely) and Butthole Surfers (mayyyybe). Do you have any artists like this on your list still? Drop your lists.

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  1. 01. Anna Burch - "In Your Dreams" from Quit the Curse
    02. Screaming Females - "Drop by Drop" from All at Once
    03. Young Fathers - "Turn" from Cocoa Sugar
    04. MURS ft. Robots & Balloons - "The Unimaginable" from A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable
    05. Cadence Weapon - "My Crew (Woooo)" from Cadence Weapon
    06. Turnstile - "Come Back For More/H.O.Y." from Time & Space
    07. Young Scooter ft. Future - "Do It Big" from Trippple Cross
    08. Born Ruffians - "Forget Me" from Uncle, Duke, & The Chief
    09. Gwenno - "Eus Keus?" from Le Kov
    10. Superchunk - "Erasure" from What a Time to Be Alive

    BT. Nipsey Hussle ft. YG - "Last Time That I Checc'd" from Victory Lap


    01. “Looking For the Holes” – Ani DiFrancoNot So Soft
    02. “Can’t Stop Thinking ‘Bout You” – Martin SextonBlack Sheep
    03. “Oh! Staving” – Car Seat HeadrestTeens Of Style
    04. “Caney Mountain” – Ha Ha TonkaBuckle In The Bible Belt
    05. “Valse, Op.39-15” – Cornelia HerrmannBrahms: Sixteen Waltzes
    06. “My Sister Says The Saddest Things” – GrimesHalfaxa
    07. “Don’t Mess With Mister ‘T’” – Marvin Gaye Trouble Man
    08. “Road To Hell” – Sleigh BellsReign Of Terror
    09. “Powerful Man” – Hop AlongPainted Shut
    10. “Caroline, No” – The Beach BoysPet Sounds


  3. Sorry, I think I was up but I spaced it last night.

    I have a mix of must-see acts, regardless of how many times I've seen them and some bucket list acts. Patty Smith last year was one, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club a couple of weeks ago was another. Not sure if I can think of others off the top of my head, but I know it when I see it. Maybe Willie Nelson.

              1. Never saw Soundgarden, and they would definitely have been on my bucket list. Fortunately, I did get to sing Hunger Strike with Mr. Cornell at Karoake in Sioux Falls one night.

                Other bucket list bands - well, most of the lead singers are dead, so it's too depressing to even start a list for me.

        1. Definitely glad we saw that Hag show. Pretty sure it was his last one in Twin Cities before he passed.

          Speaking of Haggard, there’s this pretty cool podcast on classic country. There is an episode on Okie from Muskogee that is very interesting. Podcast is called Cocaine and Rhinestones.

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