March 30, 2018: Flailing

I did a baseball Fanduel contest yesterday, because why not?

As good as I am at the basketball stuff, I had a truly putrid maiden voyage with this. As of this writing I'm in 95th of 100 and am in no danger of winning money.

21 thoughts on “March 30, 2018: Flailing”

    1. I’m actually consistently good at the NBA stuff, but my ability to exploit market inefficiencies in the hoop game apparently doesn’t translate to baseball.

  1. Watching the Tigs/Pirates matchup, and the ump took a glancing blow pitch off the top of his mask and left the game (on his own) - it was another good example again though of the catcher or the ump watching out for each other in those situations - Cervelli quickly wrapped him up in a hug and made sure he was steady until others showed up to check him out.

    1. Just happened to turn on the radio as that happened. Sure hope he's okay.

      It's quite a game. Tigers led 6-4 after seven. Pirates scored two in the eighth to tie and four in the ninth to go ahead 10-6. Tigers scored four in the bottom of the ninth to tie it 10-10. Going to extra innings.

          1. Oops, he doesn't. Not yet, anyway. A safe call at the plate was overturned on replay. Still tied 10-10.

              1. Now tied with Joe Torre for 9th all time with 66 ejections. 95 needed to tie Cox, but kicking LaRussa from the top 5 would only take another 22. 29 to get to top 3 (passing Weaver and Durocher). But McGraw's 38 ahead of those two. He is the most-ejected active manager though.

              2. And the Pirates win in the 13th on a 3-run homer by Gregory Polanco, who apparently was having defensive issues that contributed to the game going extras.

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