63 thoughts on “Game 4: Twins at Pirates”

          1. I feel confident in saying that while some of the people on that list have more career WAR than Mauer, Joe is still a better hitter than, say, Glasscock, Campaneris, and George Davis.

            1. I should have excluded pre-deadball era baseball too. Here's another list sorted on OPS+ with a PA minimum to exclude Alex Meyer's 175 OPS+. For reference, Mauer is at 126 OPS+ now and had a 135 OPS+ from 2004-2013.

          2. I should’ve figured that Cobb or Sisler pitched at some point.

            Ichiro’s 17th. I think Peak Mauer was as good a hitter as Peak Ichiro.

  1. If Moran didn't swing, that looked on replay like it would have been ball four it was so high. Oh well. How many times have we seen the Twins put up a big number in the first and then get nothing the rest of the way and the other team comes back and wins? Let's do that to the Pirates.

  2. Buxton has not looked good early in the season. Overanxious and too easy an out. Curveball over for strike one. Chase high fastball. Chase breaking ball. I was hoping getting a few hits in the first series would calm him down and prevent him from jumping at the ball, but I would expect another slow start for him. Hopefully, the adjustments come much quicker this season.

  3. Wonder if the cold weather is affecting Lynn's grip on the baseball. He hasn't been really close to the strike zone.

    1. I doubt it was that since he pitched in the Midwest for so long in an outdoor stadium. Probably more to do with being pumped up pitching for the first time after switching MLB teams. He had only played for the Cardinals, so this is a new situation. If anything, the cold may have exacerbated the situation.

  4. Lynn's biggest problem was walking righties and letting lefties hit the ball. He has pretty wide career splits. The only 2 hits were extra-base hits by lefties. That's why walking Cervelli really hurt. He really has to challenge the righties.

  5. So how long do you go with Lynn? With the off day tomorrow, you could argue the Twins could pinch hit for the pitcher every time he's up, especially with Berrios' complete game yesterday.

  6. Lynn at 89 pitches in the fourth. Berríos had started the ninth with that many pitches.

    1. Day off tomorrow, too. He could have been knocked out in the first inning and it really wouldn't matter. Kinley and Rogers have yet to pitch.

  7. Has anyone tried to bunt against a shift to just get on base? If not, that's infuriating to me when they are down 5 runs. We need base runners!

      1. I get that a decent bunt is a gimmie with the shift on, but Morrison’s profile suggests his strengths might be better leveraged swinging away. Plus, he’s coming off the bench on a cold day — don’t want him pulling a hammy in the fourth game of the year.

    1. A bunt by Dozier would've made more sense. I know it's easy to say that after the fact, but I was thinking it at the time, too. It puts runners at second and third for Mauer, and if they walk him the bases are loaded for Sano. I'm not saying it was a mistake to swing away, just that I could've understood bunting, too.

  8. In better news, I bowled today and had my second 500 series of the season. 157, 148, 201 for a 506. I also tried using a wrist support for the first time. SSS, but it seemed to help me keep my wrist straight.

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