Game 7: mariners @ twins

So. Anyone for another Berrios shutout? Yeah. That would be swell.

The Twins sit in first place. Sure, it's (very) early, but it's important to remember that they all count, especially when the team is expected to be right in the borderline of a playoff spot.

They've looked pretty good so far. Solid hitting (Dozier leads the league in home runs  Mauer's getting in base like a fiend) and solid pitching (that 2.33 ERA is looking pretty sweet) lead to a lot of good games, and most importantly, games where the team never feels out of it. What I'm trying to say is, so far, Gimenez hasn't been missed in the bullpen.

Let's hope that keeps being the case today. Go Berrios! Go Twins!

12 thoughts on “Game 7: mariners @ twins”

  1. Twins hitting them to the Mariners but Mariners hitting to where the Twins aren't.

  2. I've just been able to listen to bits and pieces, but it doesn't seem like the Twins have had much luck in this game.

  3. just tuned in. Let the rally begin.

    Is it ok to get excited about Mauer's start?

  4. Hildenberger just hasn't had it this year. My guess is that he's either got some sort of flaw in his delivery or he's pitching through an injury.

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