100 thoughts on “Twins – Astros in progress”

      1. He also hit it straight into the shift. The increase in shifting over the years has done little to change the batting average on ground balls. It's line drives that have dropped pretty dramatically in average.

          1. I'm honestly surprised that no one has yet. You'd think that SOMEONE would be taking some free base hits, if only to force teams to stop swinging the third baseman all the way over to take away all of those line drive base hits.

              1. Carlos Peña is one of those guys that I wish I'd been paying a little more attention to at the time. I love what he has to say when he's an analyst on MLB.

  1. Buxton made it to third on a wild pitch. For his career, he is 0-1 on stealing third base. (0-0 stealing home)

  2. Those at-bats for the Twins with Buxton at third should be used in Situational Hitting 101 on how not to do it. Castro took strike 3 right down the middle and Adrianza and Dozier swung at pitches in the dirt that didn't even look like they were over the plate.

    1. That was bad. McCullers is a good pitcher, but with a fast man on third and no outs, if one of the next two batters just makes contact the Twins score. Good pitching, but also bad batting.

  3. It's probably a good sign that I'm stopping whatever I'm doing to watch every Joe Mauer at bat lately, right?

  4. A solid base hit for Morrision, that had to feel good for him considering his very slow start. I was starting to have flashbacks to The Insanity every time he came to the plate.

    1. You know, it seems like this could completely be an actual baseball term. Just like an easy fly ball is a Can o' Corn, an 8 run-inning is a Greekhouse.

          1. It took me a little bit, but I just got it.

            Honestly, the fact that it was Nibs that gave it a dollar helped me figure it out.

        1. Could probably contribute something for you...we have Grinders, Ditchers...oooo, how about a RailVac, they really suck!

  5. That fourth and fifth inning reminded me of Junior's high school game yesterday, except for the opposite order. His team led 7-2 in the sixth and gave up 4 runs and left 2 runners in scoring position, but they then scored 9 runs in the bottom of the 6th and the game was called due to the Mercy Rule.

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