2018 Game 11: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

The Twins kick off their 2018 Central Division campaign against a young Chicago squad, (losers of 7 of their last 9 games). They went 11-7 against the 67 win club a year ago, the first under coach Rick Renteria. Renteria and GM Rick Hahn are likely hoping that trades of Sale, Eaton*, Quintana, Kahnle, Robertson and Cabrera in 2016 & '17 will begin to bear fruit.

*Today's starter for the Sox, Lucas Giolito was part of the Eaton trade with Washington. The 23-year-old has walked 7 and given up 8 runs in 11 2/3 innings to start the year, but as a former 1st round pick (#16 overall in 2012) with decent minor league numbers (3.18 ERA, 1.248 WHIP, 9.6K/9 in 497 IP over 6 seasons), and good numbers in his (limited) MLB appearances last year (7 starts, 45.1 IP, 2.38 ERA, 181 ERA+, 4.94 FIP, 0.949 WHIP), the boys should not take him lightly.

Opposing Giolito will be the Twins' José Berríos, their very own 23-year-old , former first rounder (#32 overall in 2012). With great numbers during 6 years in the minors (2.77 ERA, 1.075 WHIP, 9.6K/9 in 591 IP), it's safe to say that the big club has high expectations for the young Puerto Rican. Berríos started 25 games for the Twins in 2017, going 14-8 with a 3.89 ERA, 113 ERA+, 3.84 FIP and 1.229 WHIP. He accumulated 139 SO in 145.2 Innings Pitched and averaged 3 BB per 9. In 2018, José has already notched a win in his first career Complete Game, and been knocked out after 4 2/3 innings (5 ER on 6 Hits) in an 11-4 loss to Seattle. Excited to see which version we get in what may be the only "nice" game of the series.

I'll leave you with this: 1,998 - not too far off 2,000. I'm hoping some Citizen is able to bring us a in-person, personal clip of this momentous occasion.

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  1. The Poissonnier & I are sitting in our chairs, watching the game together. She’s drinking a cup of milk before bed; I’m finishing a bottle of Perrier. Looking forward to many evenings like this in our future.

    1. The bauble is watching Cars next to me and I'm drinking a Centennial IPA, but otherwise pretty much the same here.

  2. This year's "shut up Dick" topic is going to be Morrison not bunting against the shift.

  3. “Wow. /pause/ Lotta fun. Lotta fun...”
    -JMIVGABB’s mom, when quiried by Marney about her reaction to 2k. It’s hereditary!

  4. Dick'n'Bert objecting to the official scorer's decisions; at the Winter Meltdown the scorer they interviewed indicated he often felt better about his controversial decisions when the broadcast crew started complaining...

    1. If the fielder has to jump to catch the ball, just maybe it's the fault of the thrower.

          1. The Roku app appears to have removed the alternate audio option so now I'm stuck with a TV booth in order to watch the game. Rather annoyed by that.

            1. There's this magical thing called a volume button.

              Also, if you just buy MLB.tv for one team, you can't choose the feed. If you get the full premium MLB.tv, you can choose the feed.

      1. I almost made a comment like this the other day, but this one is waaaaaay better. Nicely done.

  5. Berrios looking like Johan. Buxton stealing two bases. Mauer pretending it's 2006. I could use a lot of games like that.

  6. Players in MLB history with 2,000 hits, career batting average of .300+ and 900+ games played at catcher:

    Mike Piazza
    Joe Mauer

    That's it

    I can drop the games caught threshold to 500 and it wouldn't change the list.

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