39 thoughts on “2018/04/15: Wild/Wolves Log”

  1. Goal explosion for the Wild tonight. I expect another six in the third period to keep up the pace.

  2. great first 2 periods. i watched 2 minutes of twolves during intermission and yuck.

      1. Verlander still pitching too and he's only given up a single hit, a home run, and a walk. Solid game all around.

  3. Disassembling the bedroom in advance of getting the carpet stretched tomorrow. I have the wolves game on in the background. So far, so good.

    Can't let up now.

  4. Someone needs to report James Harden to the ICC for what he's doing to Wiggins.

  5. Derek Rose taking an end of half iso shot is all anyone needs to know for evidence the Thibodeau should be nowhere near this team.

  6. Man, it looks like the Rockets should be winning by about 30 right now. If our game plan is for one of the best teams in the league to do what they do best very, very poorly... That might not work out over the course of 7 games.

  7. April 15, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    The Wolves end of quarter play has been terrible and Im being generous

    1. The fourth quarter was their best end of quarter, considering they closed the gap and had a shot at tying the game. I know Butler is "The Man" but I think KAT would have a better chance at getting an open look at a 3-pointer in that situation.

      1. Yes.

        Very winnable game. KAT needs to get his butt into the paint. How many times did he have a little guy on him only to drift outside? Ugh.

        That probably is the series.

        1. Yes he does. I think he's got to develop as a low post monster that he can be, but this is mostly on the coaches. They have to make KAT post-ups option #1 in this offense. And option #2.

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