31 thoughts on “April 15, 2018: White Out”

  1. Being snowed in with my family was really a pretty good time. We played some Codenames, did a puzzle and watched a movie. Skim and I also worked on writing next year’s fall play, which is a gig she got a few months ago. Oh, and I brewed a chocolate peanut butter stout. I guess we did a lot.

      1. Not yet, mostly because of the amount of wrestling I see for the sake of my podcast (and because I just want to watch it). It is, of course, on the list.

  2. I had to bring the trinket to a birthday party this morning. We got a couple inches last night so I figured I'd be shoveling a bit when I got back until I realized I was a walking on top of the snow and car had an ice shell on it. Screw that, it'll melt in a day or two.

  3. Checking in from LaGuardia. Was supposed to be home already, but flight cancellations and MSP’s closure means I don’t even get to Columbus until 2, and not back to the Cities until 6:30.
    Price to pay for an amazing show and 75 degree Saturday. I walked 22 miles in two days and have a sunburn.

      1. Was hard to tell - a few that I didn’t recognize, but it could be because he did an hour solo, with only an acoustic guitar. Came out for a couple of numbers with Prine, and a finished up with Prine & his band, and Brandi Carlisle (who guested with Prine on a couple of tunes). We were in the nosebleeds, but the acoustics in that place were phenomenal.
        Also, I’m lucky I routed through Columbus. I mean, my flights are all delayed and I don’t expect to be home until 8:30, but my buddy is stuck in Charlotte until the tornado watch is lifted ... scheduled for 11 pm.
        [edit] did have some variety (Bee Gees!)

        1. No new songs. I haven’t heard if he’s recording either. Also not doing a lot of touring this summer, just a festival here and there.

          1. He didn’t say anything about new stuff, but did share that he and his wife are expecting child #3 in October and that he’ll be a stay-at-home dad for at least the first year.
            Closest to us I think is the Hinterland Festival in St. Charles, IA in Aug.

  4. I'm not home this weekend, but the neighbor across the street blew out the driveway. So, thanks to him!

  5. I went for a 3-mile hike yesterday afternoon across the Coon Rapids Dam. It was a blast. A dozen Loons right by the walkway, four species of Grebe, Osprey ten feet above my head and trying to steal fish from a Cormorant.
    Hoping to convince HPR to go today.

  6. All these game cancellations, it's like waiting for the off-season to end (again). Glad we're not coming off an 0-5 skid or something.

    We had 84 degrees on Thursday; chilly and drizzle today. Can't wait for Mother Nature to finally make up her mind (and that it's not to skip Spring again, like most years)

  7. So, I stumbled across this story tonight. I was lucky enough to watch my daughter play in a state tournament and the boys who played with my son for 10 years play in it (my son did not make the playoff roster). Thrill of a lifetime is definitely the case! That story is from 1983, which is the year before I was lucky enough to watch my older brother play in the basketball state tournament. I have watched more than my share of college and pro playoff games in multiple sports. Nothing compares to a high school state tournament. I guess much of it is sitting next to your neighbors and friends and watching kids you have known for years and years compete. Fun story if you have time to check it out.

  8. Made the Serious Eats Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala tonight. Excellent.

    I subbed coconut milk for heavy cream. Will go with cream next time. Also, I did not out the spinach in until after pressure cooking. I think it would be slime if cooked with the chicken.

    Lastly, I could have cooked the sauce down a bit more. Ended up using a teaspoon or so of cornstarch in a slurry to tighten things up.

    Still, great recipe.

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