58 thoughts on “April 16, 2018: Copper”

    1. Feels like a good place to post the video evidence.

      1. ARRRGHH! My eyes melted when the Crawford play came up. Perfect example of both how bad he is now and how poorly he fits with the team.

    1. spookymilk
      APRIL 17, 2011 AT 9:26 AM
      Multiple sources say Capps is in and Nathan's out as closer.

      Way to put a damper on a positive day there, Spooks.

      1. I filed weeks ago this time!

        Now I am trying to get The Girl to get hers filed today after nagging for weeks. I even did them for her. She just needs to transcribe into one of the free online filing programs.

    1. Timberwolves now 2 for 18 from the field this season when tied or down 3 or less in the last 10 seconds of games.

      Jimmy Butler is 0 for 12 in such spots.

      Whether it's been execution or play calling (probably a mix of both) that's not good.— Jace Frederick (@JaceFrederick)

  1. The Wolves had one of the top rated offenses in the league this year. And yet... they've underutilized their best asset. This should be a wake-up call. I was pretty good with Rose leading the team in usage, though. :/

    1. Rose played very well. Teague and KAT, on the other hand, need to be locked in a gym to work on pick-and-roll all off-season.

      1. Disagree on Rose, he was hot garbage. He scored some points but they were inefficient an he was a turnstile on defense. Even worse, scoring those pointz probably cemented both his return next year and my abandoning the team.

        As for the PnR, I think I'd rather see Butler run it with Towns. Teague can't even make a post entry pass, I'd shudder to see what he does after the pick.

        1. That is not what the data shows. He was 7/14 from the floor (1/2 from three) with 4 assists and two turnovers in 24 minutes. He had a Hollinger Game Score of 9.2, fwiw (10 is an "average performance" and 40 is a super-duper game; Harden's game score last night was 36.8). That is decent production from your backup PG.

          Now, I won't dispute the re-signing fear or the concern about his defense. But there was a whole lotta bad defense on the floor yesterday.

          1. I really don't have anything like game score to back my stance up, but I maintain he was terrible. The 14 shots are pretty bad, even if half went in. I know there was a lot of bad defense played, but he just could not stay in front of anyone. He would have been better off just waiting on the offensive end of the court. Most of what I got is eye-test type stuff, like doing nothing to keep the offense in rhythm.

            And, like I said, even if I agreed with you that he had a good game, it has the much more damaging effect of probably cementing his return next year. That's a thing that would be inexcusable.

    2. They are a frustrating team to watch.

      I remember the first time they made the playoffs with Marbury, Garnett, and Googs. It was pure excitement. With this team, it feels like it is just frustration at how much better they should be.

  2. 7 seems... considerable. I haven't been around for all of 'em (half? Gotta be more than that.), and wasn't at the original basement at all, but the acknowledgment of the anniversary still feel really cool to me.

    How long have we had t his layout? I can still kind of recall the previous one...

      1. Yeah, I can't even picture it another way now. Good work, sir.

        I know most people complain about site redesigns and then quickly get used to them. I will say though that HardballTalk is still horrible and I don't go their site because of the change.

        1. I changed quite a bit in the original theme. The text was larger, there was more whitespace, and it didn't fit across the entire screen. I also changed the number of featured posts to 12 with a lot of tweaking in what appears where. I think this theme still works best (I look around periodically and never find anything close), but I listened to feedback and adapted it.

    1. I'm trying to remember when the WGOM came into being in the other basement. Was it sometime in 2004? 2003? We might be getting close to the point of this edition existing longer than the original.

      1. Well, Rome has lost the domes over Baths of Caracalla, Temple of Minerva Medica, and Mausoleum of Helena just to name three, so Twin Cities has a little ways to go yet.

      2. I had to look:
        Anchorage lost one in Jan. 2017. And, I don't know if these cities are considered 'metropolitan', but it looks like two came down in NH in March 2017.

        Two of New Hampshire’s inflatable athletic complexes are recovering from damage caused by last week’s snowstorm, even as a national engineering group has tweaked its standards for how these pressurized domes should deal with snow.
        The Hampshire Dome in Milford collapsed March 15 after a tear was opened by snow sliding off the top. Meanwhile, The Bubble at Franklin Pierce University was forced to close after sliding snow damaged exit doors, causing them to leak air. Both had bubbles made of PVC-coasted polyester fabric, and were held up by internal air pressure from fans.

      1. (I see the 26th man loophole. Still would think adding _another_ position player makes more sense, but there may be extenuating circumstance - like sickness.)

      1. Yeah, I saw that but didn't link at the time because it was a Fox News link and, rather than celebrate his acting career, they took the opportunity to make it a divisive political post.

      1. Boo is right. 65 is way, way too young.

        Night Court was a gem of a show. That's a great legacy for any actor to have.

  3. Too cold/rainy/windy for the BoSox to play today, but didn't stop NBBW from getting a new P.R. at the Boston Marathon. Good job, wifo!

    1. That’s an impressive course on which to set a PR, nice! Plus, just qualifying for the race is impressive in the first place.

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