Third Monday Movie Day

Miloš Forman passed away at the age of 86. His 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was one of only three films to win the "Big Five Oscars".

We should also note that R. Lee Ermey died over the weekend. I always liked that he never seemed to take himself too seriously.

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  1. I got my The Last Jedi Blu-Ray a couple weeks ago, so I watched that again. I liked it even more on the second viewing as things kind of seemed to fall into place and certain parts weren't really as long and out of place as I thought they seemed the first time. I think I'd go so far as to put it at the top of my "Favorite Star Wars movies" list.

    I also watched The Cloverfield Paradox. Do not watch The Cloverfield Paradox.

    1. Also got the physical version of The Last Jedi but haven't watched anything yet. I plan on watching the documentary sometime today.

      1. I haven't watched any of the special features yet, but I do know that it is revealed that Laura Dern said "pew, pew, pew" every time she fired a weapon, which is one of the greatest things I've ever heard.

    2. I finally saw The Last Jedi. I somehow managed to successfully avoid spoilers. But now that I've seen it, I'm not sure what spoilers there actually were to avoid.

      It was good. I am excited for the final one.

        1. My theory (a long long time ago (in this galaxy)) was that the world was going to end on the eve of Episode 1's release, since that was the most hyped movie ever.

    3. We tried to get the blue ray/dvd/digital combo for Last Jedi right when it came out, but they kept being out of stock (at Target at least). Otherwise, I suspect we would have rewatched it in the past two weeks, too.

  2. Saw Ready Player One with a fan of the book who is, shall we say, an "adaptational purist" (I knew this going in). He had serious reservations with some of the liberties taken with the source material. I haven't read the book, but it all seems too light to worry about it too much. The movie was fine. Some stuff that made very little sense and plenty of eye rolling references, but it was pretty and didn't make me regret going to it.

    A Quiet Place came this past Wednesday, and that was a tense as hell movie. Again, some of the particulars don't necessarily make a ton of sense, but with the crushing atmosphere that the movie lives in, it was easily forgivable.

    'That opening scene, though' SelectShow
    1. I also saw Ready Player One. I wanted to really like it, but came away feeling mostly just satisfied. Just not a lot of emotional connection to any of the characters ... seems like a missed opportunity.

    2. Adaptational purity is so pointless. They always seem to rage about what was left out, but never have any suggestions about what comes out of their scene gets added.

  3. EAR and I have been watching the BBC series Detectorists on Netflix.
    I love it. Light comedy and some drama about members of a metal detecting club.
    Starring, written, and directed by Mackenzie Crook (Gareth from The Office UK), and co-starring Toby Jones.
    As a birder whose hobby sometimes draws the ire of his wife, we both relate to parts. Maybe a bit too much. The specifics of the hobby aren't essential (but I'd hope they're precise), but the type of hobby (quiet, outdoors, easily done alone) applies.

  4. I finished Luther last night. While I enjoyed it a lot, I found some of his earlier anger issues to be out of character for someone who understands others' motivations so well. And BBC continues to play fast and loose with plot holes in order to set up awesome scenarios.

    Two eps into season two of Legion and it is still freakin' outstanding. It's Lynch if he were 50 years younger, and the acting has been great.

  5. Andre the Giant and Elvis Docus on HBO both excellent. I have two episodes left in Season 1 if Westworld. Definitely some cool concepts but some maddening things as well. Not sure if I’ll keep up in Season 2.

    Anyone see Isle of Dogs? That’s on the list.

    1. I loved season one of Westworld, and am excited for it to come back next week.

      Isle of Dogs is on my list as well, but haven’t made it out to see it yet, either. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to squeeze it in during the day on Friday while the kids are in school.

    2. Both Dr. Chop and I were really charmed by Isle of Dogs. There are some funny gags around some pretty heavy topics, while being beautifully made.

  6. The Foreigner - Felt a little like a Payback and Taken mash up, which was cool because I enjoyed both of those. Jackie Chan was serious and amazing as a grieving father and Peirce Brosnan was more than serviceable as the target of Chan's ire.
    Rewatched Logan, Get Out and John Wick 2. Good stuff.

  7. We have Tix for Avengers Infinity War for the 28th (recliner seats!) with friends.

    Last Jedi was awesome. The Family Screenwriter has been having about A Quiet Place.

    I am super excited about season two of Legion. But I still need to finish season one. (The first two or three eps were awesome). And I am wondering what is taking so long for season two of American Gods.

    1. I keep trying to make a joke, but it isn't working. About how you're waiting for Gods. Oh, what the heck, I'll just write it anyway.

  8. Last night I saw It Follows, and had heard enough hype that I’m surprised the movie had so little to say. It’s not terrible or anything, but feels a lot more like an ordinary thriller than the groundbreaking horror I assumed it to be.

    I have Looper at home right now and have seen the first forty minutes. It’s such an incredible conceit; I hope the payoff is as strong as the concept.

    Otherwise, it’s been mostly stand-up for me.

    Woke up to a short message about my never ending wait for my own show to be produced: “Still Moving. Had some hurdles but clearing them. Talk soon.” It’s too many words used to say essentially nothing, but it’s better than not getting the message, I guess.

    1. Stand-up:
      I've really enjoyed James Acaster's 4-parter "Repertoire" on Netflix. At least through 2 1/2 of the 4 parts.
      Really unexpected jokes, long runs with preposterous conceits, etc.

  9. Enjoyed Sausage Party more than expected although some of the jokes were still a little too stupid (as much as I love stupid).

    Watched all of The Deuce, and it was great. Too bad James Franco plays two lead roles despite being an alleged dirtbag, because I would love to have seen where David Simon and George Pelacanos would have gone in future seasons. Still, having Larry Gilliard, Jr. (DeAngelo Barksdale) back in a main role was great. Oh, and Chris Bauer (Frank Sobotka) was basically playing Frank Sobotka again.

    I've watched Barry and it definitely has potential. Plus, one of his classmates in the acting class is the younger brother of one of Sheenie's good friends.

    The jokes about the terrible office location in the premier of Silicon Valley has been there high point of the new season, so far.

    Oh, and the Homicide: LOTS homage episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine just makes me miss Frank Pembleton even more despite how much I love Captain Raymond Holt.

    Finally, lots of moving pieces (and 1987 ALDS) dialogue in The Americans, but it's going to awful when something terrible happens to Paige and Elizabeth continues to be a true believer.

    1. I still have to watch the season finale of The Deuce. Don't forget we basically have a better dressed Jackie Aprile back as well.

      Silicon Valley has been ooooookaaaayyyy. Agreed that was about as good as it's gotten so far.

  10. During the stormpocalypse Dr. Chop and I binged Wild, Wild Country on Nextflix. Sweet jesus was that a crazy time to be alive, or what? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, indeed.

  11. Had a couple kid-free nights. Used them to watch Lady Bird, which was fine, but not particularly fun, and then Deadpool. We both preferred the latter. When I pick the "acclaimed" movies, somehow she usually ends up telling me she told me so.

    We've been working our way through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and tried to reengage with the last couple seasons of Parks and Recreation after a long time away.

    Also got to a couple episodes of the new season of Series of Unfortunate Events. It's a little dark, but not particularly scary. The 5-year old finds is boring. Not sure if many have watched that, but Neil Patrick Harris is worth seeing.

  12. On Sunday we ventured out into the blizzard to go see Won't You Be My Neighbor at the film festival and it was pretty delightful. An interesting history of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and a great tribute to the man. We also got around to watching The Last Jedi . I enjoyed it, but kind of agree with Younger Daughter that it's somewhat muddled in the story department. Comcast is doing a free preview week so we may try to binge watch this past season of Shameless since we don't have Showtime and don't want to wait for Netflix.

  13. I forgot to mention that I also saw the Stooges Documentary called Gimmie Danger that is currently on Amazon Prime. Directed by Jim Jarmusch it is a must see if you like the Stooges. The surprising thing is that Iggy is very articulate, thoughtful, and introspective. He's got this gleam in his eye like he knows he's one lucky dude.

    1. Really enjoyed that as well. Was kind of disconcerting how midwestern old Jim Osterberg sounded.

      Lot's of good music docs on Prime, for that matter. Sign of the Times, Stop Making Sense, , Who is Lydia Loveless, Brian Eno 1971-1977 (though at 3 hours best to watch in installments), and the Doug Sahm doc Sir Doug and the Genuine Cosmic Texas Groove.

      1. Yeah, that stooges doc was great. They were way ahead of their time, and the portrait Iggy paints of Bowie ain't pretty.

  14. Sign of the Times

    Thanks for that note. I must watch it!

    Watched Stop Making Sense for the first time a few weeks ago. Now I get it.

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