Game 12(!) — Twins vs. Cleveland (In Puerto Rico)

Finally, more baseball. After a cold, wet, snowy homestand in Minnesota, the Twins go down to Puerto Rico to play to against the Cleveland [Redacted]. Besides being excited for baseball, it seems pretty cool that these two games are in San Juan. There are a number of Puerto Ricans on both teams (?? -- I didn't check Cleveland's roster) and after Hurricane Irma, any thing that brings positivity to that island is welcomed.

Jake Odorizzi versus Casey Kluber so it could very well be a pitcher's duel. Both have pitched well and have nice ERAs, Strikeouts/9 innings, etc. Couple with the fact that these two teams should be battling for the Central Division crown all year and we have a nice little series here.

Game time at 6:10p. Game on Fox Sports 1 so check your local provider for whatever channel that is.

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    1. I recall something about it last year but the contracts remain in force. I wish there was the option to pay the carriage fee so I didn't have to subscribe to cable but could qualify as a subscriber to the RSN.

  1. I'm happy the twins are playing in PR, but this doens't mean that the island is 'better' or 'fixed' post hurricane. There will be some victory laps taken here, and I do think it's good that the boys are playing there, but we can't lose sight of the fact that american citizens are still trying to sort out their lives out after last hurricane season.

  2. Okay, I read in someones game preview that it was hurricane Maria, not Irma, but I'm guessing that wouldn't have been half-bakef anyway.

    I'm watching at DJ's Dugout if you're around downtown, Rows...

  3. Pretty good look letting Cleveland wear chief wahoo in Puerto Rico after the Jackie Robinson thing...


  4. I kind of like this odorizzi guy. Pitch count is a bit high, but that's my only complaint this far.

    1. I'm still upset with him beating the Twins in the last Spring Training game I've been to.

      I really hope all his earlier walks were mostly due to the cold weather.

  5. On 'CCO I just heard an ad for scotch brite that said essentially Minnesota fans we know you don't like to play dirty ... I wonder how many markets that actually works in.

  6. Saw the Lindor highlight. Crowd was electric. I'm really hopeful they get the game in tomorrow (reports of more rain) so Berrios can pitch there. I can imagine the crowd getting loud every time he gets to 2 strikes.

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