2018 Game 16 – Twins vs. Rays

In baseball, there are real-deals, wannabes, and has-beens. But some players fall into a different category, the what-could-have-beens. After nearly a year on the disabled list, Phil Hughes makes his return to a major league mound today. One can't help but wonder what his career would have been like had he not been plagued with injuries. When healthy, he's been very, very good, but his career feels like one long series of rude interruptions. 2014 was without a doubt his best year; he won 16 games with a 3.52 ERA and a thoroughly ridiculous 11.67 K/BB ratio while garnering seven Cy Young award votes. I'm too old and jaded to expect Hughes to return to his 2014 form, I don't think anyone does. But if he can stay healthy and throw 160 innings or so he can still be a significant rotation asset for this team. Tampa sends right-hander Yonny Chirinos to the hill, he's got an ERA of 2.70 and 15 strikeouts, but he got touched for five runs in his last outing after pitching 14.1 scoreless frames over his first three starts. Play ball!

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  1. Almost 40 pitches and it still takes a little help for Hughes to get out of the 1st. No idea how only 2 runs scored. Don't think he's bringing home the CG today.

  2. The numbers don't look that bad for Hughes, but in the parts I was able to catch, there were a lot of balls hit hard for outs. I'm not very impressed.

  3. I could handle the endless airings of the Steve Martin/Martin Short concert ad better if the line they used in it was actually funny.

      1. That's what gets me, too. The reading is just so....off. Like, it's a potentially chuckle-worthy line (though, like Jeff says, not really "holy cow, that's hilarious! that's the line we're leading with" funny), but the rote way he says it is just sort of "yep, that's totally a joke"

  4. TB croakers on Baby Jeebus: Not sure he'll make the HOF, but he'll make the Pretty Darn Good list.

  5. I know it's still April, but if Pressly can keep pitching well it will be a huge boost to the bullpen.

    1. They'll need it after this series. He's the only reliever to face more than one batter in this series and not allow at least 1 run. Hildenberger struck out the only batter he faced.

  6. This just in: Gordo came out of retirement and is now doing play-by-play for TB with an altered voice.

  7. Dazzle says of almost every player "he can run a little bit". I guess it's probably true.

  8. Gameday showing pitches 3 and 4 both in and out of the zone. Hawkings we miss you.

  9. Dazzle's had to do it and I haven't, so he has more authority here than I do. Still, I just can't believe that learning to lay down a sacrifice bunt is that difficult a thing for a major league baseball player to do.

    1. It's like me and laundry. If you're really bad at it, they don't ass you to do it very often.

  10. Not much joy in the minors today, either. Rochester lost, Fort Myers lost, Chattanooga was rained out. Cedar Rapids is ahead in the sixth inning, so at least there's that.

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