Game Twenty-five: Toronto at Minnesota

Paul Molitor said Lance Lynn has been "inconsistent".  If only.  Inconsistent would be an improvement.

But it's a new game, the score starts 0-0, and maybe this is the day the Twins turn things around.  It's possible, isn't it?

Estrada v. Gibson.  Go Twins!

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  1. No infielders were on the left side at all for the Twins against Smoak (after strike one at least). One thing I haven't seen mentioned is what happens when the batter pops it up. Smoak popped one foul on the left side (in the seats), and as soon as it was up in the air, Gibson was sprinting over because he knew there were no infielders on that side.

        1. Well, he's dropped off the pace now. He doubled in his second AB in '09. He was 3-for-4 with a HR and a double in that game, so Joe can still match it.

  2. These long innings where the pitcher is struggling to throw strikes and has given up multiple runs are so much more fun to watch when your team is on offense.

  3. In his 2018 AAA debut, Stephen Gonsalves pitched 7.2 scoreless innings, giving up one hit and one walk and striking out five. He threw ninety-two pitches.

      1. It looks that way, but he was doing very well in Chattanooga (he was my pitcher of the month for April) and deserved the call-up anyway.

  4. Grossman is 0-for-3 despite hitting 2 hard line drives, both while leading off an inning. The Twins have been bad in this stretch, but they've had very little luck as well.

    1. Followed by the first bad AB by Kepler in quite sometime. Swung at 2 pitches out of the zone and took a curve on the inside corner for strike 3.

  5. Fairly impressive how each player, no matter how well he has been playing, is managing to have a bad outing the one time everyone else is doing alright.

  6. It's unbelievable how much every pitcher on this staff has contributed to this streak. All starters have been bad at times and every reliever has taken losses or blown saves (or both) in this streak. Even Addison Reed, our supposed best reliever, took a walk-off loss in TB and blew the save tonight. As much as everyone wants to blame Curtiss and Garver and everything that went on in the 10th, it was Reed that blew it in the 8th and made it possible for the game to continue. Duke was terrible early in the year but has probably been the best reliever in this bad stretch and was great tonight. He did take a loss in TB on an unearned run.

      1. and here I was going to say that we should have retired the blue screen of death banner at the end of last season. glad I didn't send jobu that email.

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