50 thoughts on “Day Game Alert! Game 26: TOR at MIN”

  1. The siren going off must have been a little distracting. Not enough for the Twins to get more than a run though.

  2. Pillar hits a double play grounder to second but because the infield was shifted for him to pull, it goes for a hit instead. Welcome to the majors, Fernando. Maybe we shouldn't be throwing 97 on the outside corner with 2 strikes if we're playing the guy to pull the ball.

  3. A repulsive, shirtless, hairy back just appeared a few rows in front of me.

    1. With the tying run at the plate, Hildenberger gave up a rocket but right to the glove of Escobar, so another good sign of better Twins luck. Have to take advantage of it, though.

    1. Need innings. He got 2 outs and left after a walk. I'm guessing that Molitor was going to pull him as soon as a runner reached base to prevent him from pitching to the tying run. It worked out pretty well. He threw 97 pitches.

      1. I didn't say it was dumb, just daring based on how well the starters have pitched over the last two weeks.

      2. Need innings, yet they'll pull Hildenberger after two pitches.

    1. I miss New Guy because I'm certain he would predict that Romero will never allow a run.

      1. The Twins are going to win this game!

        I forget which player he never forgave the team for getting rid of. Was it Orlando Hudson or Orlando Cabrera?

  4. Wow. Fantastic catch by Pillar in the gap. Feel bad for Dozier, though. When you're in a slump, it seems like those catches happen more often against you.

  5. It would be nice for ONE of these "super awesome deals" we got (Morrison, Lynn, Reed, etc) to actually, you know, be a super awesome deal.

    1. Reed started great, had a rough spot, but was good again today. 0.5 rWAR in one month. I doubt the 3 rWAR pace, but should be easy to get 1.5+. That would be great for a late reliever.

      1. His xFIP is at 4.97 right now. Early in the season, obviously, but he's not going to keep post goodish numbers if he's only barely clearing 30% ground ball rate.

    2. Morrison started out so poorly, it's hard to recognize when he is hitting pretty well. In the marathon game vs. CLE, he went 0-for-7 to drop his OPS to .271!! Since then, he has an OPS (coming into this game) of .786, which is better than his career, although less than last year (.868).

  6. Laying on the couch with a sprained knee (or torn meniscus) suffered on the 16th hole today. Twins giving me a good excuse not to get up, shower, and hobble to work to make myself useful.

    That strike 3 call on Castro was 6 inches off the plate.

    1. I looked up something different. Going into 2018, about 24% of Rodney's appearances have had zero baserunners. I checked Nathan as a comparison and while he was a Twin, 42% of his appearances had no baserunners.

    2. Twins were 6-4 in games in which Rodney had appeared before today, 3-12 in games in which he has not appeared.

      So I would opine that you are way off. They were 3-12 on the season in games in which he has avoided (allowing) a baserunner.

        1. Twins are 2-0 in World Series over the past 50 years when I haven't played

        2. This is the kind of twisted logic that had me wondering what the Twins' record is in games Bux hasn't appeared.

          Just this year, or, like, forever?

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