39 thoughts on “May 2, 2018: 1-11”

  1. It appears my decision to use the time I might otherwise be watching the Twins to get in more reading was a good one.

  2. Weather is a bit pissy today, so we spent time with Picasso, Renoir, van Gogh, and friends, then hiked over to hang out with Rodin and the gang.

    Don't even want to check the scores in the morning.

  3. Last night I took the bauble to his soccer practice and the trinket wanted to go along. While he was practicing, we went over to another field and messed around. I blasted a few shots into the net, because that's a fun thing to do. Less fun is that, today I can barely walk because I think I tore my right achilles. This is really not pleasant.

    1. My brother tore his right Achilles in March while coaching at a soccer practice. I hope you didn't do the same.

      1. I am probably just being a bit dramatic. I imagine I would not be walking at all if I did tear it. I've struggled with both of them for a couple years now, though, lots of soreness.

        1. He went straight to urgent care when he did it (and he has a pretty high pain threshold because he broke his ankle two days before my wedding and refused to see a doctor until after because he didn't want to be stuck with crutches or a boot).

        2. I had a very similar issue about two weeks ago. Thought I tore it, couldn’t walk for a day and a half. I only wish I could say it was kicking a soccer ball. It was a morning stretch that did me in.

    2. Back when it was cold, I took the boys to an indoor trampoline place to burn off some energy. They requested that I jump along with them, and we all had fun. But the next day . . . so much leg pain! Oooof.

      1. That happened to me a few months ago as well. It was a birthday part at one of those places and, while the stunt bag is one of the most fun things I have ever done, I'm not 25 any more.

    3. When I was young, I learned to do this thing with a soccer ball where you flip it up behind and over you (rainbow).

      Practised it a thousand times, trying to drop the ball into a basketball hoop (and often did).

      So now, when walking along and see some kids kicking a soccer ball around, I get involved and do a rainbow to impress them. But it's getting harder to do each time.

  4. Cap count, so far:
    Sweden - 0
    Copenhagen - Yankees 2, Red Sox 2, Twins 1
    London - Yankees 2, Red Sox 2
    The Yankees hats have been exclusively Asian tourists.

    The bartender at the pub right now told Mrs Runner that she chose a proper hard cider.

  5. Cleaning out some boxes and I have way more signed baseballs than I remembered. I know I got some of them as joaks because they were cheap. My favorites so far: Rondell White and Bud Selig

  6. On Saturday my wife and I went to see A Quiet Place in the theater. For those who don't know, it's a horror movie with almost no dialogue. So yeah, it's very quiet. And about halfway through, a young lady by herself fell asleep in the front row. She was snoring so loudly that it was hard not to laugh during this intense movie. One person started throwing popcorn at her. Stef wound up having to get staff to wake her up and keep her up. Then after we left the theater, another patron came up to wife and bowed to her and thanked her profusely for managing the situation. Just a surreal experience.

    And then when we got out, I hear my name being called. Turns out my brother and his wife had just gotten out of the Avengers. Had no idea they were going to a movie (and we live 25 minutes from each other, and there's like five theaters between us). So that was cool. And then after talking to them for a few minutes, philosofer comes strolling up as he had just gotten out of Black Panther. And he lives a couple hours away. WEIRD.

      1. I thought I saw you in the restroom but I was late to Super Troopers II, so I had to rush out.

    1. I run into people I know at the theater constantly. Do I ever see a single person I know at the MOA, four miles from my house with a massive sample size to pull from? Nope. But at the theater, always.

      After I typed “massive” above, my phone’s predictive text offered “penis.” That is a big narrative assumption on the part of my phone. Meanwhile, it continues to assume I mean “ducking.”

      1. I stopped going to the MOA a few years ago when they demonstrated they didn't believe black lives matter, but before that the best encounter was the time LeCroy waved to me when he was pushing his child in a stroller.

    2. 'twas a nice surprise to run into you and your brother. My sister enjoyed hearing that we'd seen you when we got back to her place. Wish I'd had more time to actually chat.

  7. My brilliant plan for the Timberwolves: Trade Wiggins for peanuts, dump Rose, sign LeBron James, profit.

    1. Surely they could at least get pistachios for Wiggins! He was a number 1 pick, after all.

    2. The official reason for the max on Wiggins was that “someone is going to do it, so it should be us.” I was like...dude. Let them.

      1. I can’t say I’ve seen him play lately, but I hate what I read about him. Inefficient, doesn’t do anything really to make his teammates better, not willing to really accept a bench role (where maybe you could still get value out of him and he’d be less likely to be forced into inefficient shots.) I was curious what would happen with him in OKC, but it doesn’t seem like that paints a very flattering picture of him, either.

        1. You'd think more of these outdated iso guys would see Vince Carter and be like "man, he accepted his role and everyone loves him still" and do something similar.

    1. Also, the Ron Howard video treating "A New Hope" like an AD episode is quality. I don't know what joke I loved more: the background music in the fight scene or Pete Rose.

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