2018 Game 27: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

The Twins are playing .500 baseball in May!

Holding down third place in the AL Central - 4.5 games behind the first place Clevelanders (16-13), despite managing a 2-8 in their past 10 games (3-12 in their past 15), they trail 2nd-place Detroit by 1.5 games and lead the Sox by 3 games. I don't see any snow in the Chicago forecast for this series, so that's nice.


Today, off-season acquisition Jake Odorizzi (2-2, 3.94, 109 ERA+, 5.81 FIP, 1.375 WHIP) hopes to pick up where rookie (and #2 Twins prospect) Fernando Romero left off yesterday*. In his last start against Cincinnati, Odorizzi went 6 innings, scattering 5 hits and 2 walks while allowing only 1 ER. He has averaged slightly more than 1 homerun per start this year, but is also pacing himself with 2 ER's per start as well. A good long start today would be pleasing.

On the mound for the White Sox is Reynaldo López, a 24-year-old who came over with another Chicago starter (Giolito) in the Adam Eaton trade. 0-2 on the year, López has been good in 5 starts this year with a 1.78 ERA,  236 ERA+, 4.47 FIP and 1.22 WHIP.  He features a mid-to-high 90's fastball, good curve and a change. This year, he's averaged 6+ innings, 5 K and 3 BB per start with only 6 ER (and 3 HR) total. Also saw this on his Repository page - which further improved my opinion of him - explaining why his signing bonus from the Nationals was relatively low:

The lower signing bonus may have been because Lopez took several years off of baseball to finish his highschool degree, and signed at age 18.


With Dozier scuffling, and three other 'regulars' in yesterday's lineup with sub-Mendoza BA's, not to mention four with sub-.300 OBP, the Twins have been hitting ...intermittently, though not necessarily effectively. For the year, they're .198/.279/.297 with RISP - 70 SO's and .262 BABIP. Hope they can pick each other up a bit more as they try to climb out of the hole they've dug.


Though admitting this may cement my place as local baseball history ignoramus, a quick search for the featured image of Comisky U.S. Cellular guaranteedRate Field, I (re)learned something that I may have known at one time, but seem to have forgotten. The Chicago White Sox began life as the St. Paul Saints! I will be looking for the foundation over lunch in the near future. I have an idea that I have seen it before, but need to be sure.

*that was a fun game to see... hope Romero continues his advance on securing a role in the starting rotation.

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  1. In the event any St. Paul residents are interested, Ebbets Field Flannels has a number of cool items on offer, including an eight-panel cap of the style the (American Association) Saints wore in 1934 — in Millers black & orange. Of course, the Millers wore blue & red back then; they didn’t adopt black & orange until they became the Giants’ AAA team in 1946. Still, it looks really weird.

      1. It’s really sharp. Several years ago they had the road version available, so I got it. (I’m a Minneapolis guy — lived in Northrop back in the day — but whatever.) The flannel looks great, but the jersey’s way too hot for Minnesota summer wear. I have no idea how those guys played in a full flannel uniform.

        1. I can't even wear the new jerseys here in the pit of despair New Orleans, and I can't imagine wearing light weight woolens. (I'm sure george costanza has some ideas for us).

  2. That was a classic PirhannaBall era inning for the Twins. Bloop double, bloop single, passed ball scores a run, sac fly scores a run.

    1. And it was a "double". I don't like Morrison continues to second if Delmonico realized he had the ball in his glove off the bounce.

  3. I will be looking for the foundation over lunch in the near future. I have an idea that I have seen it before, but need to be sure.

    There's a plaque for the park. I'm not seeing a foundation for it yet, but there are several buildings on that block the need to be checked.

  4. On the grill: Chili lime swimps, and mexican zucchini fritters with sour cream lime sauce. Yeah baby.

  5. Buxton needs to come back soon so Robbie Grossman is no longer playing in t he field.

  6. It didn't feel like it, but Odorizzi still managed to strike out eight with only two walks.

  7. I should have turned the game off once the White Sox tied it (on an error, of course) but morbid curiosity compels me to see how they blow this one.

  8. I was rooting for Davidson to hit one out. He's on my fantasy team and I'm afraid the Twins will play 20 innings and wipe out their pen and still lose.

  9. White Sox left 2 runners on base all game. 2. That's insane to score 6 runs and have just 2 LOBs. Unfortunately, B-Ref's play index doesn't include LOBs. I was hoping to figure out the last time I team scored 6+ runs with 2 or less LOBs. Twins pitchers had a 14/2 K/BB rate. White Sox had a 3/2 K/BB rate. Twins batters were 6-for-30 (.200) on balls in play, including a number of lineouts and deep flies when the game was tied.

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