25 thoughts on “May 4, 2018: Ichiro”

  1. Ichiro hit 5 home runs against Twins pitching: Grant Balfour, Rick Reed, Boof Bonser, Ramon Ortiz, and Caleb Thielbar.

  2. Btw, this is belated but I'm sorry for spacing the Twins game log on Tuesday. It was a busy afternoon but I literally didn't even think about it until this morning.

    1. Likewise, I'd like to apologize for missing the Sunday game log, and thank Jeff for covering my six. It was Mrs. Twayn's birthday and we celebrated into the wee hours with too much wine the night before.

    1. I was a young man of 11 living in Ohio when Kent State happened. Many people don't remember that this coincided with a nationwide wildcat strike by Teamster truck drivers. That strike also turned violent when strikers allegedly dropped rocks and bricks from overpasses into the windshields of semis still on the road. For much of that summer, there were two National Guard soldiers posted at every overpass on interstate highways in the state. It was eerie, and the closest thing to martial law I've ever seen in this country.

  3. Interesting stuff on MLB. They now show stats from Statcast on stuff like launch angle and exit velocity for players. For example, Joe's average launch angle is 5.67 degrees, compared to a MLB average of 12.41. His exit velocity averages 90.65 (89.12).

  4. Hey AMR, a coworker pointed out to me that a couple of peregrine falcons have been hanging out on the TV antenna atop the billboard at 1st Ave and Washington. (It often has a beer advertisement of one sort of another, but at the moment it has a delightful ad for Portland, Oregon.)

    1. Cool. I'll have to check that out. I had a Merlin atop the billboard on 3rd between Hennepin and 1st last fall. Usually Shane Company ads.

  5. Brandon Nimmo has been having himself quite a year so far. Despite his role as 4th outfielder, just 46 PA, and a week-long stint in AAA Las Vegas, he's slashed .294/.478/.529/1.008 and will get his third start of the year for the Metes tonight.

  6. I finally dragged myself to the doctor twelve days after badly rolling my ankle playing basketball. The doctor walks in, looks at me stuff in the chair, and says, "It must hurt a lot if you have it wrapped under your sock."

    I respond, "It's not wrapped."

    He responds, "That's just the swelling? Whoa!"

    I'm guessing that's not good. Anyway, my follow-up with the podiatrist to go over the x-rays he immediately ordered should be fun.

    1. My shoulder has been in pain for a couple weeks. Like, if I lift my arm up to side, right about at the 90° angle point. First it was just dull, but it hasn't gone away and the pain is getting sharper. Breaking down is fun!

      1. Woooo! Are we doing another getting old discussion? I just mowed the lawn and I had to stop twice to sit down because my left Achilles flared up and my lower back started to get stiff. I should probably see a doctor.

      2. That sounds like a rotator cuff, I had the same thing. It lasted about six months or so and then started to improve and eventually healed up on its own.

    2. I love both the opportunity to serve as remarkable medical specimen, and, separately, the enthusiasm and curiosity of medical professionals when encountering such things. I'm thinking of Army Medics, largely, but I hope it doesn't go away for the seasoned professionals.

    1. Mauer OBP .435
      Dozier OBP .294

      Works for me, except Dozier's only hitting .226 and slugging .374. Why not move Escobar or Kepler into the #2 slot until Dozier's hitting better? They're both slugging above .500 at the moment.

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