Game 32 — Twins at Cardinals

Twins on a four game winning streak. Only 1.5 games behind the Clevelanders. Byron Buxton should be ready to play this week. All looking rosy for the Twins after a dreadful late April. Could be a nice pitcher's duel today with Jake Odorizzi up against Carlos Martinez, who's been pretty dang good this year. Perfect St. Louis weather for an afternoon game. If I worked in downtown St. Louis, probably a great day to play hooky and head over to the ballpark.

12:10p Start.

31 thoughts on “Game 32 — Twins at Cardinals”

  1. Two game interleague series, night then day game, then a Wednesday day off. This schedule is stupid.

    1. Isn't the point of Interleague is to get to know the teams of the other league? Can't really do that with 2 games series, and one of them being played when most people are at work.

  2. Adrianza's sac fly looked like more off the bat, but with 2 strikes on him and the pitcher on deck, I'm happy with at least getting the game tied.

  3. After getting back from London last night, no way I get to this game, and possibly not if it was a night game as well, but I would have tried.

    1. Roy Smalley would be my ideal from the analyst side of things, and I could definitely stand to have Mountie in the booth more often after listening to the way that Smalley was able to ease him into things.

      That still leaves you with Dick... I dunno what to do about that. Honestly, I find myself enjoying the radio broadcast a lot more lately. Gladden has his occasional rants, but I'll take two of him over Dick, Bert, Torii, or just about anyone else. He's crusty and a little cranky, but he's got an interesting character to his calls, and Provus has really focused his good qualities, while not allowing his bad ones to show as glaringly.

      1. Me thinks you're forgetting LaTroy Hawkins, who has been my absolute favorite of the most recent additions.

        1. Yeah, he did a good job doing what I described below. You knew he wasn't gonna let Dick get carried away when he called him Richard.

          1. I know a lot of the people here like TK. I find him far too dry. He has good analysis, and it is amusing to hear him call Dick "Richard", but I don't think I could handle him as a full time announcer.

      2. Dick is "fine" if he's paired with someone that won't feed his old school bullshit and keeps him restrained to PxP. When he starts editorializing or gets hung up on a particular thing that irritates him, its just the worst and ii feeds that fire along with having his own stupid, outdated takes (Bert too, obvs).

  4. The last pitcher for the Twins to have at least 2 successful sac bunts in a game was Glen Perkins in 2009 in a win over the Cardinals. Twins pitchers love to bunt in St. Louis, I guess.

  5. A sac bunt and a GIDP in the same inning, meaning Dozier was the only Twins player to be credited with making an out. (Dozier was 0-1 in the inning, Odo was 0-0 with the sac bunt, and Adrianza and LoMo were 1-1).

    1. This is only the fourth time in Twins history in the DH era that a Twins pitcher had 2 sac bunts. Perkins, Scott Baker and Kyle Lohse were the other 3. The Twins won the previous 3 times.

  6. Cardinals' 3 errors today all led directly to runs. 1 allowed a run to score and the other 2 allowed runners to reach base who both ended up scoring.

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