FMD 5/11/18: The Last Song You’ll Ever/Never Hear

So say you were dying, in as nice a way as possible, and you could kind of pick any song to fade out to... what song would you pick?

And, for that matter, what song would you want them to carry you out to/play at the cemetery/as your ashes are spread/etc.? You'll not hear that one, but others will associate it with you. What would pick?

And, yeah, I suppose I did a funeral music topic once upon a time, but hopefully this is a distinct enough topic: not just end-of-life songs, but truly last songs.

13 thoughts on “FMD 5/11/18: The Last Song You’ll Ever/Never Hear”

  1. 1. Massive Attack* “Man Next Door” Mezzanine
    2. Katy B “Witches' Brew” On a Mission
    3. Joe Henry “When You Wish Upon a Star” Mary Had a Little Amp
    4. Julien Baker “Over” Turn Out the Lights
    5. Sylvan Esso “H.S.K.T. (Live)” KCRW's Morning Become Electric

    6. Robyn “Dance Hall Queen” Body Talk Pt. 1
    7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps” Maps
    8. Patty Griffin “Mother of God” Silver Bell
    9. Etta James “At Last” Her Best
    T. Underworld “Moaner” Beaucoup Fish
    E. Horse Lords “Truthers” Interventions

    1. Vocals by Horace Andy

  2. I'll post a 10 later, but I just want to plug Kiss Yr Frenemies by illuminati hotties which releases today. RIYL Soccer Mommy, Adult Mom, Lisa Prank, etc.

  3. 01. cupcakKe - "Meet and Greet" from Ephorize
    02. Thou - "Birthright" from The House Primordial
    03. Delroy Edwards - "Knock Em Out" from Rio Grande
    04. Cardi B - "Bodak Yellow" from Invasion of Privacy
    05. Cucina Povera - "Kehoitus" from Hilja
    06. Zaki Ibrahim - "Binary, Pt. 1" from The Secret Life of Planets
    07. Payroll Giovanni & Cardo - "In Me, Not On Me" from Big Bossin Vol. 2
    08. The Hirs Collective - "Pedazos/Y'all Are Gorgeous" from Friends. Lovers. Favorites
    09. Panopticon - "Watch the Lights Fade" from The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness Pt. 1
    10. Tribulation - "Come, Become, to Be" from Down Below

    BT. Rae Sremmurd ft. Future - "Buckets" from SR3MM

    For a song to fade out to, I guess I'd go with my favorite song from my favorite album.

    When they're dumping my ashes into the ocean it'd be this (which has NSFW lyrics).

  4. I can't shake the idea of "Iron Lemonade" by Black Moth Super Rainbow as my fade out song. Too on-the-nose?

  5. O.k. Of course this is totally predictable but I hope Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox by Guided by Voices is my fade out song.

    It starts as a rocker with a great chorus:

    And hey, let's throw the great party
    Today for the rest of our lives
    The fun is just about to get started
    So throw the switch, it's rock and roll time

    It then ends with this epic slowed down verse with and then fades out with a blistering guitar solo.

    Man what a way to go.

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