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      1. I plan on having in of them in my hand once I get home. Picked up a growler of the local brewery's IPA. Went out there after work yesterday with my some co-workers and was under strict instructions from the wife to pick up two growlers.

        1. Geez, nag, nag, nag.

          I've got a few to choose from. I've got a pale ale of mine, since Founders Azteca, or infectious groove from o'so.

        2. Just stopped by same local brewery and downed a couple Downtown Dunkels before I got home.

            1. Wife loves the Sedona Wheat. I am excited that the Belgian Workhorse will be back soon.

    1. Beau and I were just talking about this the other day. I posited that Trout's triple in the All Star game at Target Field was about as fast as I've seen a person run in person.

      I'm looking forward to Buxton shattering that sometime soon.

    1. I'm listening on radio, so I don't know how much chance he had. With two out and no one else on base,it's not necessarily a bad play to try to get yourself into scoring position if there's a reasonable chance for success.

      1. It was a reasonable chance, but it a good throw and Mauer was out by two steps

  1. I don't get the whole beach ball thing. "I'm going to pay a bunch of money to go to the ball game, but I expect to be bored so I need to have something else to keep me entertained. "

    1. This is LA; don't forget that they also get there in the middle of the 2nd, and leave in the 7th to get home in time for Dynasty (or whatever it is they watch nowadays)

      1. Hey, now. It's Anaheim, no matter what the dumb team name may say. Ain't nobody getting home to L.A. in time for Dynasty.

  2. Hunter claiming Machado's father played for the Twins at AAA. His dad is Manuel Machado and I can't find any Manuels except the active one to have ever played in professional baseball.

      1. I have this feeling that Hunter will be the replacement for Bert when Bert retires some day.

  3. The one memory I have about games at The Big A is the huge sphinx moths that divebomb you in the third deck behind home plate. Basically Spooky's worst nightmare.

      1. That would be 14 or so every 200 innings. So, basically, he's turning our pitchers into league leaders in wild pitches.

    1. Heh. Trueblood convinced me to draft Gibson in fantasy baseball in the lead up to the 2017 season because he was that far ahead of the curve. I don't remember if he wrote about it then, or not, but this is hilarious to me because of how many conversations we've had about him.

    2. Too bad the walk rate jumped too. But, his K-BB went up too so now he's somewhat effective.

  4. So glad we can give Reed a week off to allow him to face the bottom half of the order in a tie game instead of Trout and Upton with a one-run lead.

  5. Did I just hear ii saying you don't want to dive for the ball and give up the extrabase hit?

      1. On the radio broadcast tonight, Gladden compared Puckett, ii, and Buxton, and said that Hunter was the best of the three defensively. I haven't looked up the numbers yet, but I'm guessing that Hunter actually was good but Buxton is significantly better?

        1. Hunter pre-ankle injury was fantastic. However, I would surmise that Buxton's numbers last year were better because TK and Gardy always their CFs play deep, which is why you see a bunch of home runs robbed by Puckett and Hunter and you see Buxton crash into the wall a lot but rarely rob a HR.

        1. I didn't mind his decision to jump up and take off for third, because I suppose there was at least the slightest chance he'd throw it into the stands behind third base or something, but yeah....woof.

          1. Agreed, just frustrating that he beat the throw fairly easily and slides past the base.

    1. I was 90% sure a "wild pitch" would end the game with Trout on third. This was the other 10% option...

  6. Obligatory!

    (it'd be great if he didn't obligatory his way to Trout coming to the plate.)

  7. That feels like Mauer could have gotten destroyed there. Great play all around by Mauer, but I feel like even if the batter wasn't out (and it looks like he was), it feels like he should be out from interference.

  8. I don't know exactly what the circumstances are regarding the second out of the double play (though it looks like a "conventional" 3-6-3), but I'm pretty sure that the rule that Torii is referring to does not exist.

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