23 thoughts on “May 12, 2018: Stain”

  1. I've gone from "so excited that the Real Joe is back" phase to the "please come back, Real Joe" phase.

    last 28 days: 220/354/293

      1. 10:17 K:BB in the 28-game stretch. Given that his career walk rate and career K rate are both more like 14 percent, I'm doubtful that he can maintain that ratio.

        Now, if you want to point to him being unlucky (.239 BABIP during the 28-day stretch), I'll buy.

          1. sure, and MLB SLG average is 410 for leadoff hitters and 438 for No. 2 batters. Compared to this Joe's 293 over the last 28 games. You really can't convince me that he's been "good Joe" by cherry-picking one stat where he's not awful right now.

            I'm pointing out that this is not the same Joe that we enjoyed in the first month of this season or during last season. I just want that Joe back. I'm not writing for the Strib or anything.

  2. So after a good week of cardio exercise, mowing the lawn was much less terrible today, except for the wet, thick grass that kept clogging the chute.

  3. Managed to snag a third blueberry plant today while doing our belated plants/garden/mulch shopping. I was worried that we missed out while on our European tour; it was a little pricy, but I'll indulge my green thumb a bit. I have room for a fourth plant, but I think I'll keep it to one a year. Hopefully the netting doesn't catch any more snakes :/

    1. I've been meaning to look into getting a blueberry plant. My raspberries have been going great and the idea of freshly picked blueberries sounds just as delicious.

  4. So hey, yeah, pantry moths suuuuuuck. I spent my whole damn morning talking everything out of the pantry, throwing about half of it away, vacuuming the moths and their web crap, then spraying some flying bug killer in there. Unfun.

    After that I mowed the lawn, went for a spin on the bike trainer, transferred a wheat beer over to secondary to add cucumber to it, made pizza dough, and went to get stuff for the pizza. I'm finally getting a chance to sit down while the oven warms up.

    1. So hey, yeah, pantry moths suuuuuuck.

      those effers. We have cleaned out our pantry closet twice in the last month (including removing the contact paper and wiping down surfaces with bleach water the last time) and STILL are getting fliers. Goddamn it!

    2. Ooh, cucumber. That sounds intriguing.

      I visited the Blue Sun Soda Shop today, and checked out a bunch of strange flavored pops. Ended up buying 6, including a few different cream sodas, variations on orange, a root beer, and... something weirder, but I don't recall what.

      Also candy and playing pinball. Kind of a neat shop.

      1. I had a cucumber gose from pipeworks brewing at the great taste last summer. It was mind blowingly good so I've wanted to try using it in a beer every since.

        1. Do you juice them? How do you add the flavor? (I know almost nothing about brewing, except what you share here.)

          1. Once the fermentation was complete, I peeled a couple cukes and chopped then into chunks then added them to the beer. I'm going to let them sit in there until tomorrow, then keg.

  5. Waiting for it to cool down to closer to 85 and the sun to lower a bit so that we can put coat number 2 on the deck. I am butt-tired.

      1. Yesterday, we had high winds all day (gusts up to 30 mph, but blowing hard all day).

        Today was beautiful, but not exactly ideal for deck staining. It was about 89 deg at 4:45 when I went back to Home Despot for more stain (needed about 1.25 gallons for two coats).

  6. Accidentally accepted a Bellinger/Turner trade that I meant to turn down. If anyone who's in the Half Bakef league could vote against it, I'd appreciate it.

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