May 14, 2018: Kaboom

Early this morning, someone turned the lights on in my room. I opened my eyes, but the lights weren't on. Then came the earth shaking crash of thunder setting off car alarms around the neighborhood.

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  1. Slept 6 hours 9 minutes last night. Third night in a row over 6 hours. Last time at least 3 consecutive nights over 6 hours: March 4-9. Last day over seven hours: May 7. Last day over 8 hours: March 6.

      1. No, total. But the last three nights I have slept straight through. I don't normally wake up to go to the bathroom, but I do wake up a lot. I woke up this morning at about 5:15 AM.

            1. That's a year old article but nothing changed for this year. However, it could be 6 next year if Fulham is promoted.

              Also I agree with Carter, London we usually consider "London" the greater London area. Just like we say that NYC has two baseball teams. Not one in the Bronx, and one in Queens.

              I told someone I stayed in Kensington, people would ask where that is.

              1. Yea, I don't think anyone really associates "London" with just Londinium any more.

                "The City of London" is a pretty specific term, legally, administratively and geographically. It would be sort of like implying that NYC is just lower Manhattan.

                1. I suspect that the particularities of Greater London vs. City of London are every bit as widely understood outside the UK as the rationale that made our capital the District of Columbia — and intentionally not a state — is for anyone outside the US (and many inside the US, come to think of it).

                    1. Oh, I agree Brazillians (or Aussies, or Mexicans, or...) would get it. I’m just speculating that the American arrangement & its context isn’t general background knowledge for non-Americans.

                    1. yeah, it's pretty confusing what is an actual city, what is a district, etc. That's a fun area, though; it was cool walking across Hyde Park (which of course is huge) and seeing everyone laying out, playing soccer, jogging, walking dogs, etc. as far as you can see.

                    2. IIRC, Philosofette lived in Kensington, just across the street from Hyde Park for a semester in college. And it was a very cool area.

        1. Heh. I love to play cards, but never have had enough money to play earnestly at the casino. (Esp. here in Nola, too many professionals picking off the fish on vacation).

      1. I really enjoy making a few small bets here and there (my co-worker and I always each take an MLB team in the pre-season and put $10 whose has the better record at the end of the year). Prop bets can also be a lot of fun.

        As far as actual, bookie-style betting? Not really my bag.

        1. I do small-amount betting at FanDuel. I love it, but know myself enough to put very little money on it. I came out like ten dollars down over the NBA season. That’s not bad. I’ll sacrifice two coffees for the fun.

          1. I’ll sacrifice two coffees for the fun.

            That's the way I've always looked at it. If it's worth losing the money for the entertainment of it, I'm in (some friends of mine and I do daily fantasy during the football season). If I ever feel like the fun isn't worth it, I'll know it's time to quit.

    1. Another revenue stream for owner not to share with the players! (because the sports leagues are going to make damned sure they are gong to get a cut )

      1. Custom 8x10 watercolor of any place you choose in the world. You supply the location, I supply the map.

        Please designate any particular places you'd like highlighted in red - a favorite restaurant, where you proposed, your house, etc.

        I have a few ideas in mind...

                1. That might be from a recent change in Google. You're required to view the page to get the image URL now while what you did I believe would have worked before.

    1. Mags - This is very cool. One recommendation ... maybe reconsider "service station" ... duty station, base, installation, etc. I have never heard anyone refer to their station/base as a service station.

  2. Jason Castro to have knee surgery, probably out 4-6 weeks. Sano ran today and took grounders but conflicting reports on how close he is to returning. Trevor May will pitch Thursday in Rochester. Ervin Santana threw live BP today.

    1. I hope that doesn't mean a month and a half of Bobby Wilson. When Castro went out I assumed Garver would become the everyday catcher, but Wilson seems to be playing almost half the time.

        1. If Garver's defense is so bad that they'd rather play Bobby Wilson, then they might as well trade him while they can still get something for him.

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