Game 38 — Redbirds at Twins

St. Louis Cardinal time again. After dominating them last week in St. Louis the Twins are looking to pluck the Cardinals once again and put a stop to a 2-game slide. Jose Berrios on the mound for the Twins and it sure would be nice to have the April Berrios and not the May Berrios show up tonight. Jack Flahery for the Cardinals.

7:10p start and it looks like it will be absolutely gorgeous weather tonight.

79 thoughts on “Game 38 — Redbirds at Twins”

  1. It would also be nice to score some runs.

    And I see we're treated to Bobby Wilson behind the plate again. I didn't expect the Twins to come up with the next Joe Mauer, but I didn't expect them to come up with the next Corky Miller, either.

    1. Just looked up Corky Miller. That's a really good comp. Twins have been kind of comparing Wilson to Gimenez, but Gimenez was a better hitter and at least considered dangerous against lefties. Of course, if Berrios pitches a perfect game (and wins), all hail, Bobby Wilson!

  2. Game is on FS1. I always want a win more when it is on national TV, even if it is FS1. I always feel like national media don't pay enough attention to the Twins when they're good. Of course, they're record right now is not good, but they still are expected to be a contender.

  3. Dazzle says he can't pronounce the name of the drug Cano took, and then goes on to prove it.

    Which is not to say I could pronounce it properly, either. I just thought it was kind of funny.

    1. It certainly does seem like it would be harder to score when you start each inning with one out.

      One of my fun thought experiments is to think of how much different baseball would be if you only got two outs per inning. The Twins seem to be trying to show me what it would be like.

  4. Oofta

  5. The Twins need to stop wasting good pitching. Not that they don't know that, of course. It's frustrating as a fan, but I'm sure it's even more frustrating for the players.

        1. Of course, the flip side is the more often you get good pitching, the more often you'll waste it since it gives you more opportunities that bad hitting will align with good pitching. Of course, you would hope to be able to pitch well enough at times to offset bad hitting. The Twins had scored 4+ runs 12 straight games before Sunday, so this hadn't been much of a problem till the last few days.

  6. Better news on the farm tonight. Fort Myers has already won. Rochester has a big lead. Chattanooga has a solid lead. Cedar Rapids has a slight lead.

  7. Buxton definitely got in Gregersons head there. Also Bobby Wilson gets a lot of well deserved shit but you gotta love how giddy he was after hitting that home run.

    1. Oh, absolutely. It doesn't change my opinion of him as a ballplayer, but I have nothing against him personally. In fact, I suspect he's a pretty good guy--he'd never have lasted this long if he wasn't. He got a moment in the sun, and I'm happy for him. I just hope it doesn't make Molitor decide he should be the starter from now on.

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