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  1. Something seems to be going on with setting up posts this morning. I cannot schedule posts and I cannot get the tags to work. I also cannot use the "text" button to work.

    1. Unusual. I did some plugin updates last night, but not WordPress. I was able to edit your post fine this morning. I don't know when joe created the Cup.

        1. Switching to mobile view and I don't see any difference yet. I'll need to look at it on my phone. I can't figure out what would have changed that much.

        1. Are the panels there and they don't stick when updating the post? Or do you not have the option at all?

          1. When I tried, the New Post screen looks all the same, but nothing happens when you try to click the options JA metnioned (example: type in a tag, click "Add", but the text stays in the field and doesn't move to the tags).

            1. Wondering if this is browser-related because I can't reproduce on Firefox. I'll continue looking into it.

                1. Hmm, works on Firefox. Also, the "Set featured image" link goes to the right module. I've never seen that weird one I was sent to before.

          1. Yes. At different speeds and everything.
            At first I thought it was a trick of L/R speakers, so I played with just listening to one or the other.
            I could hear it as "Yaura", "Laura", "Yorrel", "Lauren", "Gorral" (with a really soft /g/). I can't hear an /n/ in the middle or an /i:/ at the end.

            With bird ID being my current hobby, I hear "Loral", which I pronounce differently than "Laurel". More "O".
            Which reminds me of a joke from the "Detectorists" Christmas special:

            Hello? Tony?
            Yep, hello! ... With an I.
            It's Toni with an I. You were saying it with a Y.
            I wasn't!

            So "You were saying it with a [...]" is part of my dad/husband witticisms now.

            1. Oooh, that's my kind of joke. Many years ago, a friend called when I was out, and Mr. NaCl made a note for me: "Kari called."

              Took me about five minutes to figure out it was one of my oldest friends . . . Carrie.

            2. "My girlfriend is named Lynn. She spells her name 'Lynn'. My old girlfriend's name is Lyn, too, but she spells it 'Lyn'. Every now and then I screw up, I call my new girlfriend by my old girlfriend's name, and she can tell because I don't say 'n' as long."

              -Mitch Hedburg

      1. I read elsewhere people suspected age. That could tie into speakers if hearing the higher frequencies leads one to hear "Yanny". Poor speakers would attenuate that into "Laurel".

      2. It is all about age. The older you get, the less you can hear the higher frequencies probably because membranes in the ear just aren't as flexible. I've heard of places using a loud high-pitched tone to keep kids and animals away that adults don't hear.

        1. It's the hairs being damaged. People who have attended too many concerts without hearing protection have the same problem.

    1. I wonder, too, if there’s a correlation between audiophiles and the ability to hear both? I wish I could stop thinking about this. Hess, did you find both as well?

  2. Here's a survey for today:

    What level of criminal charge do you think someone should get for failing to return materials checked out from a library? How much jail time/what size of fine if convicted?(Actual value of replacing the materials: ~$650).

    'Fact Pattern 1 SelectShow
    'Fact Pattern 2' SelectShow
    'Fact Pattern 3' SelectShow

    I am genuinely curious about opinions on this.

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      1. Follow up question for those who have answered:

        Would you be in agreement with a civil penalty and not a criminal one, or do you think the criminal one is important?

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          1. 'Spoiler' SelectShow
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          1. Not sure if it's them too, but I know the prosecutor is a passionate supporter of the library. I'll say that I have otherwise found her to be a good and reasonable prosecutor, so that's part of why I'm so curious. It just strikes me as odd.

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          1. No rules requiring them to inventory and assess what was left behind and/or who it belonged to. That would be a nightmare for landlords.

            1. As a former landlord, I concur on that.
              Big pile of stuff, left longer than required, no request to be able to pick it up: throw it out. If the books were on a nice pile, that's one thing, but having children that get books from the library, I doubt they were in a separate place where their status was clear. Might have been under couch cushions.
              Our last renters had some stuff that may have belonged to her deceased husband's employer (a roofer).

    5. 'Spoiler' SelectShow
    6. Is there an option of guilty with a suspended sentence, in recognition of the extenuating circumstances?

    1. Because of the crappiness of the AL Central (1/2 game back!!!!!11!!1!), they may want to address it now.

    2. They appear to distrust Garver's glove - considering that in 127 innings at catcher, he's allowed 8 wild pitches and 2 passed balls* - I can't say that I blame them.

      But obviously, Bobby Wilson isn't an option. Perhaps a trade is necessary?

      * prorates out to about 12.5 wild pitches per 200 innings, so basically, he's making our pitchers all into league leaders in wild pitches

    3. I'm really disappointed that no one has yet brought up that Pansy Mauer should nutt up and get back behind the plat and finally earn some of his $$$ that we paid him!!1!11!

  3. On the Twins' pregame show, they're trying to blame Lance Lynn's struggles on missing part of spring training. Sorry, guys, but it's the middle of May now. That dog won't hunt.

    1. I can see the argument that he got off to a bad start because of short spring training and then has been pressing because he's on a new team for the first time, etc., but a veteran MLB pitcher needs to be able to make adjustments before now. Smalley was a hitter and could tell what the pitcher was doing wrong, and it is a very common problem. It really won't matter once Santana returns. He's not going to the bullpen and Lynn is the only logical pitcher right now to lose his spot and he's making it an easy decision for the Twins. And really, it doesn't matter why he's struggling, he needs to stop it and make an adjustment.

  4. Sleep update: today was a travel day (flight). Sleep total: 4 Hr 35 Min. I can pretty much bank on that. When I"m traveling the next day, I don't sleep well. I worked in the yard for an hour and a half last night and burned 1589 calories doing it. So, I had exercise, no caffeine after about 10 AM, had a beer (one!) before bed. Slept four and a half hours. Oy vey.

  5. Long story short, I have an extra PS4 code for Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy. Was given the code by a rep but I already own the game. My brother does too, soooo...if you want it, say so here and I'll message you.

    1. Dang, I saw this on the sidebar and stopped reading at "I have an extra PS4", clicked on it to find out that wasn't the case.

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