40 thoughts on “May 17, 3028: My Finger Slipped”

  1. Sleep update: 6 hours 45 minutes last night. I had a middle of the night awakening for about 20 minutes, but able to get back to sleep. Went to a retirement party last night and had a couple of White Russians before bed. That's what everyone was drinking, so I ordered one and said that I do abide. No one understood what I meant by that.

    1. I slept fine last night, except when I woke up with a NASTY CHARLIE HORSE IN MY RIGHT CALF. Once I stretched that out enough and laid in a position on my side that didn't aggravate it, I got back to sleep fine. Damn thing still aches, though.

  2. I’m listening to the current at work and Bob Iver’s skinny love is playing, but for a hot second I thought it was the Alex jones rant set to folk music. Makes that gag even better.

        1. My comment isn't an endorsement of his message but rather an acknowledgement of his skill at delivering the crazy.

              1. Oh, I could write for World Net Daily if the pay was right. Not sure what the going rate for damned souls is right now, though.

  3. Sunday afternoon Younger Daughter called from Target because her power steering was going out. It seems a rubber bushing that connects the hose to a frame bracket rotted away and the bolt rusted through, leaving the bent end of a U-shaped hose dragging on the ground. Didn't take long to wear little holes in the metal bend, so I spent part of Monday replacing that assembly. Not too bad, I had to pull out the air filter box, the power steering fluid reservoir, the alternator, and upper radiator hose to get access to the bolt on the steering rack fitting and I could reach the pump fitting from below. But there was Dexron VI all over everything below so it was pretty messy (BMW uses ATF as PS fluid). While the leak is fixed, I have a strange vibration coming from the pressure hose now that wasn't there before, even though I bled the system several times. Yesterday I did a quick brake job on the fronts, just a pad replacement, the rotors and calipers are fine. Since her belts are pretty worn and either the idler or tensioner pulley is starting to chirp, I'm going to replace those today or tomorrow and see if I can get that hose to stop vibrating while I have it apart again.

  4. Whatever the issue was with scheduling things in Chrome, it seems to not be an issue any more. I assume sean waved his magic wand, and I think him for doing so.

    1. I didn't do anything, except wait. I strongly suspected it was a caching issue. It might not be that too, but I think it is.

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