60 thoughts on “Game Forty: Brewers at Twins”

  1. That walk gives Gibson 23 walks in 45 innings. He's gotten away with it so far, but I don't really see it as the best strategy.

    1. It's the strikeouts. His BB/9 was at 4.4 coming in to this game, a full extra walk per nine compared to the last two years. But, his K/9 jumped from 6.9 to 10.1. That 5.7 K-BB is enough to succeed.

  2. The Twins started batting Mauer first and Dozier second on May 4. Since then:

    Mauer: .273/.347/.295
    Dozier: .280/.327/.520

      1. I didn't say it wasn't. I just was curious what the numbers were so far, and thought others might be, too. And really, I give Molitor credit for sticking with it even when it didn't produce instant results.

    1. I wonder how many other ballparks Kepler's double would not be a home run since it would in the vast majority of them. Maybe San Francisco. Pittsburgh possibly...

  3. I know it happens, and I know the other team has big leaguers, too, but it still hurts to have men on second and third with none out and score zero.

  4. That's why I don't like interviews during the game. The crowd is cheering and I have no idea what happened because somebody's just blathering on about something other than the game.

    1. The results certainly are. I think there is definitely an element of bad luck for him tonight and maybe going to the well too often on inside pitches. The first home run was a bad pitch. The second home run was on a ball with a lot of movement to the up and inside corner. He's basically had 3 fly balls and 2 of them left the ballpark.

      1. From the sound of it, though, they left the ballpark by a long way. I have a hard time attributing that to bad luck. Good batting, possibly, but not bad luck.

    1. Hey Dozier. You've taken three pitches. No need to wander around, adjust your shirt, etc.

    1. I don't know of any except to not use Chrome. I've never liked its caching behavior, though have never had major issues with it. There's a WordPress upgrade pending that I will do after the game that might help.

          1. Could be a Chrome bug too. They release a lot so I don't know if the two of you have the same version.

      1. i can see it not being an appealing option for those less fleet of foot, and i know kepler ended up with a BB, but why not try the bunt there? even if you bunt it foul, you immediately get in the IFers heads.

        1. He did try to bunt earlier, but it went foul before he hit the double. Of course, being down 5 runs, you just need to get runners on base. I think batters are too afraid of not making it good enough so the pitcher gets to it and throws them out. Then they feel like they gave away an at-bat. However, a manager should encourage them to do it more often so they'll get better at it and get rewarded with hits.

      1. Morrison hitting for Mauer in the fifth with Molitor coming out to talk to the umpire (and the umpire going to tell the Brewers) that it was some sort of injury (allowing Morrison more time to get loose). Any word on an injury anywhere?

  5. Kiss Cam just featured that great Batgirl Haiku from years ago:

    Kiss Cam, I beg you
    Find a different couple
    She is my sister

  6. In Rochester tonight, Stephen Gonsalves struck out eleven in 5.1 innings as the Red Wings defeated Pawtucket 2-0.

  7. Oh great. Dick and Bert want PED users to forfeit their contracts. So not only would the owners benefit from the performance enhancement, they would benefit from not having to pay those players. Good plan guys. #helptheonepercent

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