May 18, 2018: One More Day

I've got it narrowed down to one of two British pubs or three of my friends' viewing parties to attend to watch the Royal Wedding. I can't even decide on my outfit so far, so how should I know which party to attend!?

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  1. Sleep update: went to bed about 11. Slept through the night. Woke up refreshed and feeling good, like I got a good night's sleep. 6 hours, 5 minutes. Maybe that's all I need? But I did get a 20 minute nap after work,

    1. Well done on the nap. The RR actually has a nap policy, and it recommends no more than 20 minutes, as you start being groggy when you nap longer than that.

      1. I set a timer for 30 minutes, had six minutes to spare when I woke up. Assuming about 3-5 minutes to fall asleep, I'm saying 20 minutes.

        1. Yup, my optimal nap time is about 25 minutes. You know, back when I had opportunities to take naps. If you're gonna sleep past 30 minutes, better go the full hour and a half. Sleep cycles, y'all.

    2. I actually got about 7 and a quarter hours of sleep last night. More significantly, I got over four hours of uninterrupted sleep, which very rarely happens. I wish I knew something I did to cause that, so I could do it again, but I don't think there was anything.

    3. If I start to get drowsy while working, I'll take a 10-minute nap. It amazes me how refreshing that can be unless I'm truly short on sleep from the previous night. I'll even remember having dreams at times during these short naps.

  2. I heard Tim Tebow referenced today, and decided to check out how he's doing this year. Actually, he's not doing too badly--.248/.323/.419 in AA. That still doesn't make him any kind of major league prospect, of course. But just viewed for what it is, for someone with as little experience in baseball as he has to be able to do that is fairly remarkable, I think.

    1. Besides his fame, he's been largely given this chance because of his athletic ability. I imagine that him being able to advance beyond AA will depend a lot on how well he does in the field and on the bases.

  3. Mrs. Twayn and I will be attending the march through the arches at St. Thomas University this afternoon as Younger Daughter will be marching. She graduates tomorrow morning and leaves June 1 to work on an ancient Roman dig site in Croatia for a month. This is a girl that used to be too timid to order her own food at a restaurant, and now she's all grown up and going Indiana Jones. I'm proud. In other news, I have an interview on Monday with an advertising/marketing staffing firm. I've cast a lot of bread upon the waters the last few months, so hopefully some of it is coming back. I'm actually kind of taking to the idea of contract work for awhile instead of another full time gig. I read this morning that this is the tightest labor market in 17 years (3.2% unemployment in MN). I'm confident I'll be back to work within a month or two.

    1. I remember that market of 17-20 years ago. I noticed that Davanni's was advertising for workers starting at $10/hr, or about twice minimum wage.

    2. Congratulations, Twayn family!

      We just got a flier from Faber College notifying us of the dates and agenda for 2019 commencement. Fingers crossed that The Girl will make it to the finish line on time.

      1. ...wherein ZG's processor freezes for a moment and he is compelled to google "Faber College"...

  4. My dad brought up four boxes of stuff.

    Autographed Pat Mahomes baseball card, complete 1991 Donruss card set, an unopened Kirby Puckett Bar, and a t-shirt signed by Tony Oliva are among the finds.

    1. There was no need to list the Donruss set -- donate it to a worth cause or give away to kids, it's maybe $5. The Puckett Bar is worth about the same.

      1. But how much would you pay me to eat the Puckett bar? That's where I get the real money.

  5. Our management team is at a conference in San Antonio, and three area managers from different stores were sent to fill in. Their for-realsies first names are Snow, Link and Igor. They sound like a computer-generated wrestling team for a video game or something.

  6. Can some one pinch hit a game log for Me? Tried posting one from my phone and the internet gods grabbed it and tossed it into a ditch.

  7. Twins have a left/switch heavy lineup and their 2 best RH power hitters have been bad, injured or both, however, the Twins have been better versus left-handed pitching (.747 OPS vs. .715) largely thanks to left-handed batters hitting lefties so well (.784).

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