56 thoughts on “2018 Game 43: Detroit Tigers vs. Minnesota Twins”

  1. Never change Gardy

  2. Dick stuck on baseball changing since Killebrew's era. People strike out more today, yes. They also hit more home runs and doubles. Killebrew lead the league with 149 strikeouts in 1969. Teams averaged 130 home runs and 202 doubles that year. In 2017, teams averaged 203 home runs and 280 doubles. Triples are down, but only nine per team-season.

    1. I love the history of baseball, but Killebrew's era was roughly fifty years ago. Of course baseball has changed since then. Name something that hasn't changed in fifty years. Sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves. Baseball was a great game fifty years ago, but it's a great game now, too. Let's enjoy the game for what it is, rather than complaining that it's not the same as it was.

  3. It would really be helpful if Buxton could start batting the way he did the second half of last season.

    1. At every level, he's always been a slow starter. I doubt that will change much. Which is also why I did not like him being activated without going on a rehab assignment and get his bat going better.

  4. It would really be helpful if Dozier could start batting the way he did the second half of last season.

  5. How do you pop up a bunt against someone who's barely throwing hard enough to break a pane of glass?

      1. Yeah, they started to do better almost immediately after I posted that. I don't know, though, if it was batters making adjustments or if Hardy just ran out of gas. it was, after all, just his second start after having been in the bullpen his entire major league career.

  6. On the one hand, it would be helpful if we could get a man to third with less than two out. On the other hand, we do need to get some two-out hits sometimes.

  7. I wonder if people will stop sliding into home on plays like that. You don't need to stop at home. There's the risk of collision that will keep people sliding but I can see more running through instead.

  8. Farm report: Bradenton thumps Fort Myers 9-0. Rochester trails Lehigh Valley 6-2 in the ninth. Miguel Sano was at DH and was 1-for-4. Trevor Plouffe!, playing for Lehigh Valley, hit a home run. Chattanooga trails Biloxi 10-7 in the seventh. Nick Gordon hit his fifth home run. Cedar Rapids leads Kane County 2-1 in the eighth. Edwar Colina struck out seven in five innings, giving up a run on five hits.

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