14 thoughts on “Game 46 Twins in Seattle.”

  1. So Bert just said the problem with Dominican players who get suspended is that they're stupid.

    1. Not quite, although it could come across like that. He said they aren’t using their heads, which implies they’re plenty smart enough to know they’re going to be caught doping.

  2. Tiome to get a run or eight. Romero does not deserve an L next to his game in the box score.

  3. I'm sure Phil Hughes is thrilled that the Twins would cut him so they could have an extra player to keep the bench firmly nailed to the floor while the Twins trail by a run in the 8th inning and the bottom of the lineup bats. What was that?

  4. I'm really ticked off at Molitor on this one. I really hate rigidly sticking with the shift and leaving an area wide open when the situation made it very likely that a player would try to take advantage of it and especially when you have a rookie with great stuff but little command or experience and letting that beat you. What really ticks me off is not using Logan Morrison in the 8th, especially when Adrianza got onboard, then Morrison had a chance to put you ahead with one swing of the bat and he's been one of their best hitters over the last month.

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