May 25, 2018: The End

...of Skim's first relationship. She seems at ease, perhaps primarily because she's the one who initiated the break. She spoke constantly about this dude for a year and a half, right up until they had been together for a week or two. The girl moves on quickly. My only fear, of course, is every weird incel out there in this troubled time.

Yesterday's Cuppa was empty because Skim gave me the news as I was mid-post, in case anyone was wondering.

29 thoughts on “May 25, 2018: The End”

  1. I'd like to tell you it gets better, but I'm not to the "gets better" stage yet.

  2. I have been encouraged to apply for the job I already have.

    Normally that wouldn't be ideal, I suppose. A few months ago I started a part-time public defender position, that's supposed to be "half-time", until September because they needed someone to fill in while another attorney was on Reserves duty. I figured the fact that there was an end-date made it doable, but I have certainly been beyond busy with this position. So now I've got a decision to make. More money and some benefits sound good, but there would be added responsibilities on top of what I'm already doing. Still, it would be a "half-time" position still, so I could keep my private practice too... I'm quite conflicted.

    1. Also, yesterday I was asked by the court whether I'd be interested in taking additional work because they need someone to handle another area of law with attorney appointment...

      It's nice to be wanted, after having spent more than enough time looking in the past. For those in the Nation working on it... keep chins up: it gets better. And let me know if I can ever help in some way.

    2. Hmmm. Part-time public defender, part-time private practice. Sounds like we got ourselves a regular Jimmy McGill on our hands. Perhaps make a move into Elder Law. You just might find a class action suit fall into your lap.

      1. FWIW, I've added that show to my queue, based largely on the Nation's recommendations.

        1. The admin hearing that takes up most of an episode in season 3 is one of the most authentic legal proceedings I've ever seen on capture.* It got all of the little things right.


          'Spoiler' SelectShow
          1. I didn't like Season 3 as much as the previous 2. I'm not sure why. Maybe as it gets closer to Breaking Bad, it gets a little less dramatic as you know where it is going to end up.

            1. This is always a problem of prequels, specifically one where otherwise the death of literally anyone would be fair game if we didn’t know, in a couple cases, exactly how and when they will die.

              1. One reason why it’s been so fascinating to see what happens to Kim and Chuck.

  3. Chris Carter joins Rochester today. To make room, the Twins have released Brock Stassi.

    1. He's in his age-28 season, hitting 211/316/316 with 28:15 K:BB in 133 PA at Rochester this season. 252/348/391 with 146:93 K:BB in 771 PA for his AAA career. I don't think that's much of a loss.

    2. Maybe signing Carter lit a fire under Kennys Vargas.* He's hit two-three run homers today.

      *I really think this is just coincidence, but it sounded like a sportswritery thing to say.

      1. Or maybe Carter gave him advice to just focus on hitting home runs. That's all they care about in MLB, especially if you're a big, slow first baseman.

        1. He needs to focus on something. He's batting .214/.308/.348, and that includes the two-homer game today.

    1. Sucks for him. The M's are a better team but playoffs are still unlikely for them and he went from playing for his hometown team, where I'm sure his family is living, to being traded to the team the farthest away from Tampa.

  4. Twins are staying optimistic about Mauer, but he's not with the team on the 6-game roadtrip. I think they truly have no idea when he'll return, if he returns.

  5. Ervin Santana's next start will be in Ft. Myers. Apparently, he had less velocity than normal in his first start. I wonder if they are hoping that warmer weather will help.

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