Game 47: Twins @ Mariners

Hey, it's the late show!

We'll see how many innings I get through before falling asleep on the couch, but hopefully the Odor is pleasing tonight.

Also, hopefully the team can be a little more inspiring tonight than they've been lately. I think they're approximately 1-25 when I've watched them, so this could be a bad sign.

30 thoughts on “Game 47: Twins @ Mariners”

  1. Dang it. The difference in this game right now is Cruz' fly ball just barely cleared the wall and Sano's didn't. If either of those results had changed, and it would only be a matter of a few feet, then the Twins would be at least tied if not ahead. I don't think any of those pitches Odorizzi gave to Cruz were in the strike zone. It shows the importance of changing your pattern. Cruz knew they were staying away and went out and got it.

  2. The one silver lining to Buxton's injury is it forces Molitor to do what he refused to do last night: go with the better bat from the left side instead of Buxton against a RH reliever in the late innings when trailing by a run.

  3. Twins batters OPS vs. SP
    1st time through the order: .662
    2nd time: .667
    3rd time: .861

    Odorizzi OPS against splits
    1st time: .741
    2nd time: .533
    3rd time: 1.217

    I guess the 6th inning was just inevitable.

  4. Half of the Twins' 14 road losses this season have been by walk-off, but only one did the Twins get walked off when they had the lead after 7 innings, which was the Gary Sanchez home run off Rodney in Yankee Stadium.

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