May 27, 2018: Trout

Five hits, eleven bases.

It's May 27 and he has 4.9 rWAR.  That's more than Jason Kubel had in his career.

He's on pace for 15.2 rWAR this year. Or, the entire careers of Matt Lawton and Bill Buckner.

This kid might be something once he hits his prime years.

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      1. Hall of Fame Statistics
        Black Ink
        Batting - 34 (50), Average HOFer ≈ 27
        Gray Ink
        Batting - 117 (178), Average HOFer ≈ 144
        Hall of Fame Monitor
        Batting - 109 (146), Likely HOFer ≈ 100
        Hall of Fame Standards
        Batting - 35 (223), Average HOFer ≈ 50
        Center Field (7th):
        59.0 career WAR / 58.6 7yr-peak WAR / 58.8 JAWS
        Average HOF CF (out of 19):
        71.2 career WAR / 44.6 7yr-peak WAR / 57.9 JAWS

        1. What's really crazy is that until this year, his seven year peak included his very mediocre not-quite-rookie season.

          If he were to have a 10 WAR season (not at all a stretch, considering he's on pace for a 15), he'd have the third highest seven year peak ever for a centerfielder. Ahead of Mantle, ahead of Dimaggio, ahead of Griffey. And that's with his injury shortened 2017 factored in.

          Kid is good at baseball.

      2. ranking 8th-11th in JAWS for CFers: Duke Snider (HOF), Carlos Beltran, Kenny Lofton, and Andruw Jones.

        fwiw, Kirby ranks 23rd in JAWS for CFers.

  1. One of my favorite things on Twitter is @bestfansinbaseball curating all the "would you trade Yadi for Trout" tweets.

  2. So, one of the peanut butter stouts I’m so proud of exploded two nights ago, so apparently I’m still a work in progress.

    Glass was everywhere in the basement. I keep the beer under the stairs, but the stairs are open. I’ve never had an exploding brew until now, and didn’t expect one since the first four I drank had no hint of being over carbonated. However, two of the four I’ve opened since then - all of which were near the end of bottling, like the one that exploded - have fizzed over aggressively.

    It’s somewhat miraculous nobody was in the room and hurt. It’s my theater room, the most-used room in the house. I was working a rare night shift and would have been in that room 100% if I had been home.

    (Yes, we’ve moved the beer)

    1. I assume you use corn sugar to carbonate? When I do bottle, I will fill Six bottles at a time, cap, then gently stir the beer in the bucket to make sure the sugar stays in suspension. Repeat. I get pretty consistent bottles that way.

      The best solution, though, is to keg.

  3. Just got back from a forty minute bike ride around the county roads out here. It's hot.

    I'm still trying to decide if I like this aspect of biking or not: you may breathe a bit hard while it there, but the wind keeps the seat off. But man, if ALL comes out afterwards.

    1. I bike to work every day regardless of heat + humidity. In the summer I always appear to have arrived at work just out of the shower. I also arrive 35 minutes early to dry out.

      1. Looking up Villalobos: A twenty-one year old catcher from Venezuela. Was in the DSL in 2016, where he batted .234/.437/.266 in 94 at-bats. His lone extra-base hit was a home run. The OBP is impressive, but given the "command" of pitchers in the DSL, it may not mean much. Was in the AZL in 2017, where he batted .275/.367/.368 in 80 at-bats. He had seven doubles and a triple. There's nothing about his numbers that stands out, but he's certainly young enough that he could develop into something. I have no idea what his defense is like.

        Josh Whetzel, on the Red Wings broadcast, said the Twins also gave up a draft pick, the 74th overall, in this deal. Assuming that's true, they must see something they actually like in Villalobos, beyond just being willing to take whatever they could get for Hughes.

  4. Trevor May might not be ready just yet. 2.2 innings, 7 runs, 5 hits, 4 walks. He did have five strikeouts, but that's not a good line. His ERA with Rochester, in 10.2 innings, is 9.28.

  5. Chattanooga pulled off a triple play last night. It was in a key situation, too. They led 11-10 in the eighth, but Montgomery had the bases loaded with none out. The batter, Brett Sullivan, hit one that went about a foot in front of home plate. Catcher Brian Navaretto picked it up, stepped on home plate, threw to third for the second out, and the third baseman threw to first to complete the 2-5-3 triple play.

  6. Not much joy to be found on the farm today. Rochester drops a doubleheader. Cedar Rapids lost the first game and is behind in the second, although it's only the second inning. Chattanooga is trailing in the fifth. So far the team that's done best is Fort Myers. They had a doubleheader rained out.

    1. We salvage one game on the day, as Cedar Rapids defeats Clinton 3-2 in eight innings in game two of the doubleheader.

  7. On the grill tonight, bacon-manchego cheeseburgers, green chiles, sweet corn. Prepped with Smuttynose S'Muttonator, Humboldt Fog and crackers.

    1. We sent the kids up to Osseo, WI to go camping with the grandparents, so I put a couple NY strips on the grill and steamed lobster tails over some Founders pilsner.

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