19 thoughts on “Game 51 in progress.”

  1. Romero has been the bright spot this season. Watching him get bled to death by the god awful Royals is too much. 💩💩💩

    1. That's what's really annoying. It's going to look in the box score like he got pounded, when in fact very few of the balls were hit hard. It's just one of those nights when everything they hit finds a hole.

  2. I'm afraid Slegers is going to pitch well enough and long enough that he'll be back in Rochester tomorrow.

  3. Not the greatest game to listen to while driving to Duluth, but that Ryan Lefevre conversation between Gladden and Provus was legitimately funny

  4. I think this is the second or third time this season a Twins on deck batter didnt clear the hitters bat from home plate

  5. Whatever happens from here, good job by the Twins for not giving up when they got way behind.

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