2018 Game 55: Tribe vs. Twins

Today marks the first game of the second third of the season, and folks, the first third didn't give much cause for joy in Mudville. Third place in the weakest division in baseball is not exactly the catbird's seat, more like perching on the middle spot over the transmission hump, squeezed in between your dopey big brother and annoying little sister in the back seat of the family station wagon. So, not a whole lot of fun to be had in this season yet. To make up the fun deficit, the Mrs. and I watched the first two episodes of Brockmire on demand the other night. The rest of season one costs $2.99 an episode from our cable provider, so last night we signed up for a free trial month of Hulu to watch the rest of the first season, we can get all of season two on demand once we're caught up. Hank Azaria is a national [redacted] treasure.

Kyle Gibson (1-3, 3.57 ERA) on the bump, going for the series win against Clevinger (4-2, 3.14 ERA). So what do you say? How about we kill another three hours on our slow and painful march to the grave? Play ball!

44 thoughts on “2018 Game 55: Tribe vs. Twins”

  1. That catch was amazing. Allen's "holy shit" reaction from right field was perfect.

  2. Both Rosario and Dozier have tied Mauer today for most homeruns in games I've attended with 10. I don't see Mauer ever getting that lead back.

    1. And Rosario takes the lead. (Sheenie called it out loud before the pitch)

      1. I don't foresee Mauer making up the now-insurmountable two homerun lead of Rosario.

  3. I know I said I was going to make a point to watch today, but I got on a roll putting on the jamb extensions for the front door that I should have done two years ago and had to mow the lawn.

      1. Statcast has his sprint speed at 26.8 ft/s. MLB average is 27.0 ft/s. I wouldn't call him slow, but he's not fast in any way.

  4. I wasn't watching, so I can't say it was a good send or a bad send, but it seems like we take a few more chances on those plays than might be advisable.

    1. It was a good send until Adrianza tripped rounding third. Otherwise, he scores.

  5. Seems like every game there are so many plays like that, plays that could be made and probably should be made but are not made.

  6. Even Dazzle says Rosario should not be bunting here. He's even hesitant about wanting Dozier to steal.

    1. I'm not paying enough attention to what DicknBert are saying, but calling for I would consider it a fireable offense to bunt with your best hitter.

  7. Taking three of four is not even remotely what I was expecting of this series.

  8. Rosario is now the only Twin with more than one three-homer game. I'd have thought Harmon might have done it, but I guess not.

    1. 8 players have done it and 4 of them are currently Twins (Rosario, Dozier, Kepler and Buxton) and the guy probably considered most likely to do it hasn't done it (Sano).

  9. What a game by Rosario.

    Also, with this game, LaMarre puts his career batting average above .200

    He's done it on the back of an... Unsustainable BABIP (.500!), but that's got to be pretty cool.

  10. Rosario kind of blew it, though. Because he hit a two-run homer, he didn't improve the Twins' record in one-run games!

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