6 thoughts on “Cozy Sunday Coffee”

  1. A work week in Scandia, followed by weekend in teh Driftless.

    We've been car camping on the 2nd weekend in June for the last 20 years in a different state park in Minny each time. Whitewater State Park is now ranked Numero Uno.

    We had Group Camp 2, and I was really impressed with 1) how clean the facilities were, 2) the pavilion they had set up in the group site, and 3) the bathrooms/showers for the group sites. Even the paths were awesome - we are so used to trekking in mud and these gravel paths were pristine.

    It rained off/on for most of Saturday but it didn't matter as we hung out under the pavilion and played games, did camp yoga, etc. Did a challenging hike along the Whitewater river up to Chimney Rock.

    Hnos Port caught some trout and we had that for S1 - awesome.

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